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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Booze Matters

Dr Chris Record, writing in the Royal Society of Physician's journal Clinical Medicine, argues that moderate drinkers are footing the bill for a minority to drink to excess and that a minimum price for alcohol would end this subsidy.

"The fact is that 80 per cent of alcohol purchases are made by only 30 per cent of the population and at a time when families are finding it more difficult to make ends meet, it is unfair that the moderate drinking majority should be subsidising a heavy-drinking minority."


He then goes on to argue that:

"A minimum price would mean an increase in profit for retailers from alcohol, allowing them to make other products more affordable for moderate drinkers."

Someone please tell these people to mind their own business, doctors are the worst people for abusing drink, drugs and fags.

"Although the physical health of doctors compares favourably with that of the general population, they have an increased prevalence of alcohol and drug problems and a higher suicide rate. Data from the U.S.A. indicate that approximately 10% of physicians become dependent on psychoactive drugs or alcohol at some time during their careers. Dynamic influences in their upbringing, pressure of work and ready access to drugs may all predispose to drug or alcohol misuse."

Source Alcohol and drug use and related problems in the medical profession

We live in a "free market" economy where, in theory, we have a choice as to what to buy and where to buy it.

Minimum prices represent nothing more than crude social engineering, which will inevitably fail.

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  1. Apart from the most basic necessities, you would probably find that 80% of anything was bought by 30% of the population, simply because individual preferences vary. And is he saying that 30% of the population are heavy drinkers?

  2. Anonymous1:10 PM

    As far as I know only one doctor has ever been elected to Parliament just because he is a doctor (that bloke in Kidderminster). Why do they seem to think they are making the laws now?

  3. Tonk.2:21 PM

    Too much attention paid to too many single issue groups.

    Mr Cameron made one very good point in his recent speech; We must stop treating adults as children and we must stop treating children as adults.....That is a very important point, let's hope it becomes an official policy after next year.

  4. Perhaps Cameron should tell that to his Home Affairs spokesman Chris Grayling, with his obnoxious and snobbish plans to impose a punitive tax on "super-strength" beers and ciders.

  5. Actually I think this chap has an interesting socio-economic point.

    Now, if we could apply the same rules to everything else we might, individually, be able to find a low cost lifestyle to suit us - at least for a while until the rest of the 30% found it too.

    I would start with adjustments to Council Tax since it is quite clear that many people are contributing to the cost of services they don't use and see no benefit from and that should be an easy one 'fix'.

  6. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Of course you are going to publish the statistics to back up your regular calumny of doctors.

  7. Would someone please tell this imbicile that businesses seek to maximize profit, and therefore, a government mandate that results in increased profits in one area of operation will not result in decreased prices elesewhere, unless such decreased prices contribute to the bottom line.

    His proposal is basically just a government intervention to increase the profit to retailers, and piss everybody else off. Of course in reality, the government would never allow retailers to keep this windfall for themselves, as it would be confiscated by the government in the form of a tax, which would -- no doubt -- be called something other than "a tax."

  8. Old Greeny4:04 PM

    I once emailed "Dave" to ask if he would rescind the Fascist smoking ban in pubs....Guess what? Yep...No reply. So, no change from ZaNu labour then.