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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween folks, have it large!

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  1. Same to you Ken!!

    I have already put my poster on my front door saying "No trick or Treat here; Please respect our wishes".....Afterall, we can't have children having unsupervised contact with adults that have not registered on one of Nanny's databases can we;-)

    I noticed on the news last night that all community police team's leave has been cancelled for today, apparently, the crime rate soars on Halloween......Perhaps Nanny's well respected police force are going to start issuing "On the spot fines" to kids for demanding money with menaces.....That should improve the crimes cleared up figures plus of course, it would be a nice little earner....Kerching!!

    Oh yes, I expect some contact with spirits tonight....Jack Daniels!!

    Enjoy demanding money with menaces responsibly.

  2. Lord of Atlantis1:32 PM

    Happy Halloween to you too, Ken!

    Watch out for ghollies, ghosties, long legged beasties and things that go bump in the night!

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Well, we know that the "trick" won't involve lemons, because Nanny deems them dangerous.

  4. Hi Ken, interesting to see that trick and treating has virtually been banned in certain areas up here.

    This activity is to be carried out by appt only and the party piece has to be notified in advance in case it causes offence.

    Worse and worse.

  5. Political zombies are wreaking havoc

  6. Julius Caesar12:08 PM

    Fausty said...
    Well, we know that the "trick" won't involve lemons, because Nanny deems them dangerous.
    3:39 PM

    In my opinion, we are being ruled by lemons! Well, the whole bunch drive me bananas and that's a fact!

  7. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Whoops, a bit late, but here's my tuppenceworth story from this year's Hallowe'en.

    My dau-in-law (she of the blighted nursery where 4year olds still have to wear nappies because their working parents have no time to potty train them) answered the door to a little 5yr old in gimmicky costume and her mother.

    'Oh, I'm so sorry', says D-I-L, I've got no sweeties but what about some fruit?'

    'FUCK THAT!', sulks the 5yr old as she stomps off, followed by a barely apologetic mother who throws over her shoulder a forlorn 'Uh..fank yew anyway...'.

    ...leaving my D-I-L gobsmacked. She's seen a lot in nursery, but this took the biscuit (or not, if you come to think about it).

    I commented that if any of my kids had even muttered such an obscenity at an adult they would have had their kecks whipped down and a thorough walloping in front of the disrespected adult.

    So sue me.

    It so happens that my healthy, highly functional and emotionally well-balanced son was round here tonight extolling the virtues of the discipline he was brought up with. At least his kids will not be hanging around mugging old ladies, ASBO'd to the max, in and out of useless jobs at useless call centres...they won't be dumped in nurseries to be PC nannied to the max either.


  8. Grant5:20 PM


    To be honest I think a ban is wise - no one should have to experience shopping amongst supermarket staff using up the over-order goods to look daft in costume.

    Also why DO we have to put up with American import 'custom' that clearly is not a custom?