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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bin Brother - Sticky Grass

Bin Brother

I was intrigued to read that Coventry council binmen recently refused to collect Alexander Neilson's (a disabled pensioner) grass cuttings from his recycling bin.

For why?

Seemingly the cuttings were "too sticky"!

Apparently sticky grass sticks to the base of the bin, or some such nonsense, and loosening wedged/stuck material is not in their job description.

This story shows that we all have a very bleak future indeed, under Nanny's "care", as we become older.

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  1. Depressing story Ken.

    I think the "officers"(sic) of the council seem to forget they are civil servants, here to serve the public.
    I do honestly feel these people have an ongoing competition going as to which of them can make the daftest rule or mess someone about the most....I can just see, in my mind's eye, these little weasels sitting their sniggering as they exchange stories of their "achievements" for that day.

  2. debbie2:02 PM

    Where I live in the US, I have the choice of going with the city trash pickup or one of the private companies. Ive had no problem with the city, but thats probably cuz they are in competition so must at least try to compete WRT customer service.

    Any time a gov't entity has a monopoly, watch out!

    Privitizing is the answer to Nannys grubby hands, and if I had it my way,, prisions, health care, utilities would all compete on the free markets and let the best man win.

  3. Lord of Atlantis3:11 PM

    "Apparently sticky grass sticks to the base of the bin, or some such nonsense, and loosening wedged/stuck material is not in their job description".

    Since most people's bins are only emptied fortnightly, if that, it is hardly surprising that the grass sticks to the bins, because no matter how dry it appears, after a day or two in the bin the grass 'sweats' and thus becomes

    How times have changed, and not for the better! I can remember the time when the dustmen collected one's bin from the resident's gardens, emptied it, and returned it to where they had found it. Moreover, in those days, they didn't have nice light plastic easy to move wheely bins, but heavy metal ones, which they carried on their shoulders!

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:19 PM

    I forgot to add my thoughts that this is a really compassionate, helpful and sensitive way to treat an elderly, disabled gentleman! I thought todays ethos was that the disabled were to be catered for? I wonder how these jobsworths would feel if their father or their grandfather received such disgusting treatment?

  5. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells8:57 PM

    Debbie said:

    "Any time a gov't entity has a monopoly, watch out!"

    In the UK we've found out the hard way that privatisation simply leads to outright private monopolies (ie water) or cartels who conspire to hike prices between them (gas, electricity). Privatisation of the UK's railway system was a shambles, which is no doubt why Amtrak remains a nationalised operation.

    Public ownership isn't the problem, it's just that the management tossers responsible for the waste and stupidity aren't accountable to those who pay their inflated salaries. A bit like privatised industries, come to think of it.