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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The bingo craze and 888bingo

So you’ve decided to get on board with the online gaming revolution. ‘Good choice lords & ladies!’

I tell you folks that I’ve been following this global movement with quite some interest. My Nan was a keen bingo player – so you know I’ve been well schooled.

Had it not been for those endless summers - and at times irksome experiences - spent in her care in north London, I would not have developed my particular fondness for this game.

Luckily my generation has evolved somewhat. But here’s the thing: it was actually Nan who introduced me to 888bingo. Now I hardly ever dish out praise where it’s due (I’ve been known to muster a good word here and there) but come on – this is golden!

A little looksy at this site confirms all your gaming expectations have been well and truly met –it’s a rollicking masterpiece – crème de la crème.

I kid you not.

You want bonus cash, you want fun, you want to chit-chat the crud out of some hot filly – you can do it all at this topnotch virtual parlour.

Nan had fun with those 90 balls, so I figure maybe there is something in it for me!

I’ve seen my fair share of bollocks on the web. But this bingo den is premium. Do yourselves a favour and click on it, to get a taste of something way different.

The crush of players in the online games realm is overwhelming at times. And that’s why it’s nice to know that variety is the spice of Nanny Knows Best! Other terrific gaming options that I’ve managed to enjoy – and regularly do, I might add – include the likes of instant games.

For the connoisseur of gaming, these are those anytime, anyplace, no-hassle games. Whether you want blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps or Texas Hold’em – these instant games are readily available.

Fancy a walk on the wild side mate? Then you’ll do yourself a really good thing by logging on and enjoying a wealth of instant games – day and night.

Don your top hat, grab your cane and pirouette on your lounge floor because nothing comes close to the electrifying action of good time gaming.

As you well know, Nanny Knows Best is on top of the online bingo scene now. Ermmm…. I do quite enjoy feeling the gaming pulse of players throughout Britain.

I’m going to keep my feelers out there and report on how totally stark raving made Britain has gone for instant games and online bingo.

It’s a feast of fun I tell you. Watch this space…

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  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Guessing you got hacked?