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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Shopping Lessons

As Jamie Oliver takes on the "establishment" in LA, trying to educate the residents to eat like he does, it is reassuring to know that Nanny has not forgotten those who do not eat the "proscribed diet" who reside closer to home.

The NHS in Manchester and the local council are funding a "healthy lifestyle initiative", that seeks to educate around 30 families with "obese" on the fine art of shopping for food. Nanny will offer free supermarket trips and lessons on buying healthy foods, the cost is estimated to be around £12K in total.

Parents will be told to set weight loss goals; nothing like making children "food phobic" at such a young age is there?

Families will also be told to stop eating junk food.

I am sure that this may be well intentioned, but really will it make the slightest bit of difference?

Mankind has for millennia survived by hunting/foraging for food (without government guidance on what to forage/hunt), why now do we need to be directed?

Given that the media is awash with advice wrt weight loss, healthy food, exercise regimes etc; if those who are "obese" (whatever that means?) choose not to interest themselves in the advice already available, why will they interest themselves in this scheme?

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  1. We are the state....Do as you're told or we'll 'ave yer.

    Most of the problems of obesity are simply to do with our modern lifestyles. Although we are hunter gatherers by nature, we no longer have to "spend" thousands of calories hunting our food etc.....What really makes me smile in our modern world, is that we have labour saving devices for almost everything; remote controls for our TVs etc, electric windows on our cars, automatic washing machines and food processors etc etc, each saving us calorie expenditure and then, having saved all those calories, we then spend thousands of pounds on gym membership to burn off all those calories we've saved; bonkers or what?

    I honestly believe that what most obese people need to do is learn to read what is in their food, processed foods are the real problem, they contain too much crap but, hey ho, if people want to eat crap it should be their choice and nothing to do with the state.

  2. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Tonk, If you want to do a family's laundry (including bed linens and towels) without a washing machine, be
    my guest. When you've finished yours you might like to come round and do mine. You will burn plenty of calories and hours and hours and hours of time.

  3. Tonk.1:04 PM


    I have in the past.....The point I am making is that we all take the lift rather than the stairs, we drive or take the bus rather than walk, we use the remote rather than get up to change TV channels but, although we use these labour(calorie) saving devices, we have not, in general terms, reduced our calorific intake.....We should use and do use labour saving devices but, we need to balance their use with a reduction in our intake of calories. We don't need to return to the stoneage and shun modern technology, we just need to eat less, especially junk.