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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Nanny Bans Hitler

HitlerDear oh dear, talk about a storm in a teacup over some traditional defacing of a political poster!

The residents of Pitcombe Somerset received a number of police visits recently, following the defacing of a poster of the Conservative councillor Mike Beech.

What was the defacement?

Some "wag" had drawn a Hitler moustache on it.

Despite being a politician, who has voluntarily cast himself into the public eye, Beech reported it to the police. The police then began an inquiry, under the Public Order Act, claiming that the defacement could be deemed to cause "harassment, alarm and distress" to the councillor.

Officers then conducted house-to-house inquiries, visiting each of the village's 20 houses.

A remarkable waste of time and money!

If you choose to vote in today's council elections, do remember that councils have become the enemy of the people!

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  1. peterg2211:17 AM

    I'm sad to say (but not surprised) that none of the candidates putting themselves forward in my ward are worthy of a vote. We got the predictable LibDem "Focus" through the door yesterday, and there's been no communication from any of the other wasters. What a waste of (valuable drinking) time and energy!

  2. What an over reaction....Still safer to chase the likely "villian" than go after real criminals.....More DNA, more finger prints and a nice box ticked.

    Sadly none of our candidates have come knocking on doors; I suspect it doesn't really matter as they all offer the same thing in reality; progressive Marxism.
    The real power locally does not rest with the electorate nor the elected councillors, it is in the hands of those people that are employed by local Nanny and like to be called officers, they have the real power but we can't get rid off them.
    The local democracy is just a smaller version of the EUSSR's version of democracy and that is not democratic at all.

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells12:11 PM

    Perhaps the now almost universal description of councillors and their officer overlords as "Town Hall Hitlers" is getting under their skin. Anyway, since when is telling the truth a crime? - oops, forgot. In Nanny's Common Purpose distopia.

    NB isn't scrawling a Hitler moustache on candidates' posters justified political comment?

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    The old bill are always complaining they don't have sufficient resources, so do they really have nothing better to do with their time? If one or more of the residents of Pitcombe had been burgled, assaulted or had their car stolen by so-called joyriders,
    I wonder whether the old bill would have been as meticulous and hard-working in bringing the perpetrators to justice? No, I don't think so either!

  5. Lord of Atlantis3:13 PM

    Sorry, I must have had a 'senior moment'! The last post was actually by me, but I pressed the wrong button!

  6. Number 62:03 PM

    I looked at the shower of shite on offer in my local council elections and wrote, "all useless parasites" on the ballot paper and then 'voted.' Wish more people would do the same.