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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One Man Went To Mow

I must confess that I chuckled to myself with gemusement, over the recent problems that Darlington Council have had wrt their grass cutting.

The residents of Middleton One Row have, for many years, been paying the council (via local taxes) to cut the grass of the village green.

However, this year, grass cutting plans have hit a wee problem.

For why?

Health and safety!

Darlington Council is refusing to cut any grass on slopes of 25 degrees or more.

For why?

They fear that their fancy, hi tech, sit astride mowers might topple over.

Despite having cut the grass for many years, and presumably buying sit astride mowers that have been tested to "withstand" slopes, Darlington Council now claim that they need "specialised" equipment (costing an extra £40K in capital and £25K in running costs) to cut the grass.

Needless to say cynics might argue that the council is in fact talking bollocks, and that this is merely an excuse to avoid doing something for which the local residents pay taxes.

As I have said many times before, councils have become the enemy of the people!

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  1. I suspect that the council are stopping mowing and other things as a way of getting around the council tax (rip off tax) freeze.
    They will always cut services before they cut their own jollies.

    They will say we can't do this because of 'elf'n'safety knowing full well that if anybody questions it they can say, "So you're in favour of putting people's health at risk."
    This is a standard type of reply for the cultural Marxists...For example, if you question any of the "child protection" measures, they automatically say, "So you're in favour of harming children."
    It is this type of daft logic that is used to get the population to go along with them.....I think it is called "Leading beyond your level of responsibility."

  2. Lord of Atlantis12:19 PM

    I agree with you, Tonk, this has probably nothing to do with health and safety, but is very much to do with taking money from their residents without the inconvenience of providing the service this money is actually supposed to pay for. Under the circumstances, will these residents receive a reduction in their council tax? Like hell they will! Surely, if you take money from people for goods or services, and fail to provide them, it constitutes theft? I believe it's called taking money under false pretences, which I understood was a criminal offence?

  3. Tonk.1:29 PM

    My Lord;

    You are correct in my view.

    Mind you, the government has form for taking money for specific things and then unilatrally deciding not to provide them.....I am thinking about the state pension for example, many people have paid an extra amount of money into SERPs, as I understand it, the new pension proposals will give everyone a state pension of about £145 a week no matter what.....Will the government refund the SERPs contributions to those that paid them? I doubt it. What about people that will have to work extra years?.... I am sure if I was told by my pension provider that they had decided to make me pay another couple of years in contributions for the same monthly amount only two years later, I would have had a good case against that company......Women and younger men are going to have to work more years just to get the same amount that we get now....I know why they have to do it...That is the danger of running a Ponzi scheme which would be illegal in the real world outside of government but, I can remember Nanny saying for some decades now that there would be a pension crisis so its not as if she knew nothing about it or it turned up suddenly.....We have gone from one of the best national pension schemes with some of the best private schemes of anywhere in the world to one of the worst national scheme and some of the worst private schemes....Thanks Brown!!

  4. Adrian2:21 PM

    Lord of Atlantis said...

    "Surely, if you take money from people for goods or services, and fail to provide them, it constitutes theft? I believe it's called taking money under false pretences, which I understood was a criminal offence?"

    Correct, but we are talking here about public servants (NOT officers) and their politician underlings so the normal rules of civilised society don't apply.