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Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy Europe Day (Barf!)

Union Jack
As I am sure all of you know, today is Europe Day!

No 10 Downing Street and the Foreign Office will not fly the European Union flag today. However, under the leadership of Vince Cable, the Department for Business will fly the European flag.

Happy Europe Day everyone..

Pass the sickbag someone!

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  1. I hate the communist EUSSR, I hate its lack of accountability and the fact that we cannot remove,through the ballot box, those with the real power.

    I cannot understand why our politicians are so keen to hand over power to the EUSSR's hands....Who are the EUSSR, who came up with the idea, how did they convince so many politicians its a good thing to destroy their own countries?

    I see the EUSSR now want a seat on the UN's security council....How can something that is not a nation have that, unless they are a nation? I wrote to my local MP last year about Sky reporting about the EU Naval force...I asked what it was and when it was debated, he told me it did not exist, now it is often cited on news channels.....Why has a group of countries got its own diplomatic service? Is it likely that our EUSSR friendly media will run syories saying how much money we waste having two diplomatic services and then promote the notion of getting rid of our own and all joining forces under the EUSSR's flag.

    All our political leaders are traitors in my opinion.

    Slimey Salmond wants independence from the UK but, in my opinion, he is leading Scotland from one union to another; surely it is better to be part of a union with people with a similar set of beliefs and culture rather than one with continetal ideals, although I suppose it is true to say that Scotland is a more socialist leaning country than us here in England.

    Bollocks to Europe day!!!

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Yes...Happy Europe day:

  3. Lord of Atlantis12:27 PM

    No, Ken, I did not know it is Europe Day, and I will NOT be celebrating the fact!
    Tonk: I agree with your thoughts on the EU 100%!
    I read somewhere that all public buildings are expected to fly the EU flag for the next week, and failure to do so will attract a hefty fine. Why, oh why can't our politicians tell these people to get lost, and stand up for this country and it's people, instead of continually betraying them?
    Last week we had a referendum on the alternative vote: the one we ought to have is on whether we continue to be a member of the EU, which our politicians will not grant as they know what the answer will be and fear it.

  4. Mjolinir12:18 AM

    "Happy Europe Day" - well, I suppose one out of 365 is as much as we can expect.

  5. Mjolinir12:22 AM

    @Tonk - //Salmond wants independence from the UK //

    I reckon there SHOULD be a referendum on 'Scottish independence' - and the English should get to vote on it.

  6. "I reckon there SHOULD be a referendum on 'Scottish independence' - and the English should get to vote on it."

    I agree, the union is a union of nations and each nation should be able to vote.....My cynical side suspects division will play into the hands of the EUSSR; a divided people are easier to bully.

    I hope Westminster politicians will realise that Mr Salmon gaioned support by putting his nation's population first and giving them what they wanted rather than the Nanny knows best attitude exhibited by Cast Iron Dave, Gordon Brown and Butt wipe Blair.

    Dave; The ONLY referendum I want is an in/out referendum on the EUSSR.