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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, May 27, 2011

Drink Matters - You Grow Old, You Die


I see that the "ever reliable" Orifice for Nationals Statistics (the organ that understated inflation for several years, because it "forgot" to include certain types of clothing in its stats) has come up with a statistic that is entirely meaningless (expect to Nanny).

Seemingly, if the ONS is to be believed, the death rate from alcohol is lower among the most advantaged classes (eg lawyers, busyness people etc) until they reach middle age. After that the death rates rise as this "class" grows older.

Put simply, as you grow older booze is more likely to be a possible contributory factor towards you death.

Cynics might argue that old age may also be a "contributory factor" to death as well.

One might also argue (without the aid of ONS stats) that whilst at the age of 20 downing the equivalent of 15 pints probably won't kill you in one go, doing that at the age of 70 might have a more than adverse effect.

Having said that, I well recall assisting my late father (on more than one occasion) when he was in his 70's/early 80's after he had consumed an "elegant sufficiency" of whisky (which would have debilitated a youngster). He didn't die in his late 80's of booze!

Anyhoo, whatever the reality we can be assured that Nanny will make mischief with these "findings".

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  1. Nanny has got the smokers, now she's after the boozers; she has done much of the ground work already to this end....She is now doing the early groundwork to get the fatties.

    As I have said on here many times.....Everything in moderation and you'll be OK....If you follow every one of Nanny's diktats in relation to all the perceived vices, you won't actually live longer but, it will bloody feel like it!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Actually Tonk there is some evidence that you may live longer.
    Statistics eh ?

  3. Tonk.4:21 PM


    Most people come on here for a bit of tongue in cheek humour and few of us take it too seriously.....The serious point is that most of us don't want Nanny to make all our decisions for us....We don't want to be told what to eat or drink, we don't want to be told what we can and cannot do and we don't want Nanny to wipe our arses for us.
    I was educated at a time when we still had an education system, a time when we were encouraged to think for ourselves and to make up our own minds. A time when we were told that statistics can prove just about anything one wants them to. Sadly now, our education system has ceased to be an education and more an indoctination system; I know from what my grand children learn and the subtle "exercises" they are given at school to come around to Nanny's PC ways and to accept all she says as the whole truth, whereas, in reality, it seldom is.

    Let's suppose we follow Nanny's every diktat, what happens when she changes her mind? For example; in the 1950s and 60s we were told to go to work on an egg and how good for us they were....During the 1980s and 90s, we were told eggs were the deveil's own food and bad for us due to their chlorestrol levels, now the advice has changed again and suddenly they are good for us again; We have seen a similar situation develop over one's salt intake.

    Regarding stats in general, we should always ask who is funding these stats and what their agenda is.

    We must also note that everyone is different and one size seldom fits everybody.....Genetics play a huge amount in people's health and life expectancy.
    My philosophy is simple; I do everything in moderation and I don't put artificial processed substances into my body...I make my food from scratch using fresh ingredients. I do not smoke but I do enjoy the odd pint of beer but, again I avoid the chemical concoctions and stick with real ales which uses natural ingredients and a natural brewing process.

    Nanny's five a day mantra for example, was not based on scientific facts, it was an American company's marketing campaign which Nanny liked the sound of.....Although fruit and veg is healthy, too much fruit in the form of the current vogue of smoothies, leads to increased tooth decay and we are now seeing this in the general population but, again, the moderate consumption of fruit and veg is unlikely to do harm....Mankind has survived by using his commonsense and making his own decisions and this he did long before Nanny appeared on the scene.

    Have a good weekend and don't worry....Stress can lead to many health problems, including stroke and heart attacks. ;-)

  4. Mjolinir12:39 PM

    If nanny 'bans' enough things,we we all live forever - then they will have to find new things to complain about - probably the 'increased risk' of death from sheer boredom?

  5. I'm reminded of the quip I once herard-- a British quip, by the way -- "Cider drinking killed my father . . . it only took 80 years to do it."

    Given the fact that Nanny has such contempt for us all, I don't know why she's so keen to keep us around.

    Ah yes, wage slavery and tax payments, I almost forgot.

  6. thought you might like this H&S advise for plankers or is it plonkers