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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bad Manners

Bad MannersI am gemused to read that as from next year Nanny will pay GPs every time they tell a patient that they are fat, or more precisely for every patient they "advise to lose weight".

GPs will also receive money from Nanny for keeping lists of "fat" people.

A scheme that, if some doctors were broke or unscrupulous, could be massively open to abuse; eg:

- "You're fat!"

- "Please may I have money now Nanny?"

Aside from the dangers of abuse, isn't this something that doctors are meant to do anyway if they see that their patient's health is being affected by their weight?

Anyhoo, I was always taught that it was bad manners to comment on other people's weight and appearance.

This scheme is Complete and utter bollocks!

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  1. The database state.

    Lists of fatties, list of drinkers, list of smokers, list of political opponents.....Sounds like Nanny is preparing the way for the EUSSR's all seeing, all knowing, progressive Marxist state.

    Stinks doesn't it?

  2. My local surgery would be buggered for a start - the practice nurse can best be described as "barrel shaped"....

  3. Lord of Atlantis3:09 PM

    "Anyhoo, I was always taught that it was bad manners to comment on other people's weight and appearance."

    I was taught that too, Ken. In fact I'd have been in trouble from my mum and dad, and school teachers, if I'd passed any remark of that nature. But clearly, as usual, rules of decent, civilised behaviour don't apply to Nanny and her minions.
    I can just see this happening:
    Doctor (to 'plump' patient) "Go on a &%£@**!! diet, you fat git"!

  4. Number 64:53 PM

    Nanny wants her drones in approved form any deviation will be subject to reeducation and of course, eventually, a fine for non compliance.

    Welcome to the EUSSR don't forget comrade inform when you see your neighbour eating one doughnut too many.