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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

2011 Census Figures Disputed

Unsurprisingly (given that it is prepared by the remarkably unreliable ONS) the accuracy of the 2011 census data (released yesterday) is already being disputed.

The Telegraph reports:
"Local authorities who simply do not recognise the figures for their areas. The 2011 census reveals that the official numbers have previously understated the scale of net migration by 14 per cent – and that does not take into account illegal immigrants, who would not complete the census form. 

Westminster city council in London said it had “serious concerns” about figures that suggested its population had dropped by 9 per cent since the last estimate a year ago, while the council’s own data report a rise in numbers paying council tax."
Hey hoh!

Can we believe anything that Nanny tells us anymore?

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  1. It was a big data grab by the state; they asked for far too much information for it to be anything else other than a data grab.
    Wokingham has just prosecuted a couple that did not complete the form. Heavy fine too.

    The information was shared with Brussels and handled by an American company.

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    If the numbers are unreliable, why are we paying a fortune for the (IMHO pointless) census anyway.