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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PCSO's Fake Fines - Ker Farking Ching!

Congratulations to Nanny for finding a new and breathlessly corrupt way to screw us for money.

Her solution is simple, but seemingly effective, she imposes fake fines on us.

Am I kidding?

No, I am not!

The Evening Standard reports that George McNaught, a police community support officer (plastic policeman) who received an award for bravery three years ago, has been jailed for six months for issuing hundred of false fixed penalty notices.

The Westminster-based PCSO was so desperate for success that he started inventing bogus notices, usually for cycling on the pavement.
McNaught used items of lost property to obtain personal details of members of the public before issuing the penalty notices.


Some people rolled over and paid the fines, which start at £45 and quickly increase to £320, while others spent hours arguing about them in court. Bailiffs were even sent to the home of one woman who had been handed a false notice.

It is not known exactly how many false fines he issued. However, those investigating the crime have discovered at least 350 suspect tickets between February 2010 and September 2011.

The report does not say if he wore a hi vis jacket when he issued the fines!

I wonder how many other Nanny enforcement officers are issuing fake fines?

Ker Farking Ching!

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  1. As I have posted on here before.....Give someone with little inteligence or sophistication a uniform and the power goes to their head. This applies to hi-viz too; the symbol of authority of the state.....I see that the London 2012 have their own special hi viz.....It's pink....Nice!(vomit)

    In the past, before Blunkett sought policing on the cheap, would be coppers were interviewed to determine their psycological make up and those that sought power and bullying opportunities were quickly identified and eliminated. Now, in my opinion, you need to be gun ho and a bit of a thug just to get in. Police nolonger appear to talk to the public; they just bark orders. They are dressed in a para military style uniform designed to intimedate. The view of a friendly, local and respected Bobby in a smart blue uniform has long gone.
    We have plastic Bobbies here; they are not the brightest people I've met having talked to them. I got the impression that they're Copper wannabes and may well become drunk on the power if they fulfil their ambitions.

    Our police service used to police by consent and had the support of the vast majority of the population......I wonder if they still enjoy that support; I doubt it.

  2. Anonymous11:09 AM

    I have given this some thought and I have come to the opinion that Ex-PSCO George McNaught is a crispy cunt flake.

    I hope that he gets roughly fucked up his arse every day in prison.

  3. Oh Joy! Just as I thought today could get no worse, a pack of travellers have pulled onto the field behind my house......Still, no need to be concerned, our local police are there too.....I will find out now if the police are useful or just an extension of HMRC only collecting fines/tax.....Kerching.

  4. Tonk.2:05 PM

    Well, my flabber is gasted!!

    Plod have moved them on....They had a riot van, a helicopter up in the air and several panda cars. They approached the travellers who I think told them to fuck off. This they did; they stood around looking "well hard." The chap from the local authority, who I am told own the land, turned up with clipboard and Nanny's power symbol(Hi-Viz) and he spoke with the travellers. The travellers obviously have much respect for hi-viz and off they went!.....Result!

    Let's hope they don't return tonight with another fifty caravans.

  5. Why has he got such an easy sentence, he will be out in two months with the current justice minister!