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Friday, July 20, 2012

Lessons In The F Word

I was gemused to read the other day that Shafton Advanced Learning Centre in Barnsley (why can't they just call it a school?) recently gave its 11 year old pupils a worksheet in which they were asked to grade swear words (eg the F word).

Entitled 'Acceptable or Not?' it listed situations including: 
-telling your friend to f--- off, 
-shouting f--- off across a classroom, in a shopping centre or in assembly and
-saying c---. 
A Telegraph censored version of the worksheet can be seen here

In a statement, the school said:
"As part of our social responsibility we are educating our students to understand what kind of language is appropriate, at what times and in what contexts." 
There is a certain logic to that, I suppose. However, it would probably help the kids more if they were first taught to read, write and speak in a coherent rational manner; ie schools should focus on the core skills needed by children (the three arses) if they are to have a hope in hell of functioning as adults in the real world. 
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  1. Education in this country is little more than an indoctrination into the pro EUSSR/socialist mind set.
    I get more appalled every time I see or hear what my grandchildren are being taught at school. It is all PC crap, rather than a basic education that will allow them to get work in the future or to be self dependent. I am getting sick to death of trying to fill in the holes left by Nanny's indoctrination system....Basic maths and English is where the biggest holes are. What makes it worse is that they are being taught a foreign language before they have even grasped their own. How can you teach a foreign language to someone that doesn't have a developed vocab nor the basic understanding of neither tenses nor grammar. They are also learning to sign; not a bad thing in itself but, the kids expect other people to understand them which of course, most people don't.

    Whether certain words are acceptable or not comes down to what is the norm in their home and social circle. In town, I often hear young chavy mothers shouting at their off-spring things which make me blush and I've worked in prisons and secure psychiatric hospitals; what chance do these kids have, if they see that type of language and interaction as the norm?

  2. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I think that the question, ‘Is it acceptable to call someone a cunt?’ is a little vague. Children’s intelligence should be tested on that one.

    For instance, they should have been shown pictures of well-known cunts and asked to grade them on cuntyness.

    Jamie Oliver along with John Terry would obviously be graded as ‘a bit cuntish’.
    There would be a general ‘Cunt’ category for all council workers and Community Support plastic policemen.
    The title ‘Uber Cunt’ would apply to TV presenters like Tim Wonnacott and Dominic Littlejohn.

    The highest honour of ‘Weapons Grade Cunt’ would be reserved for Cameron and Clegg, along with any policemen that happen to ‘accidentally’ murder newspaper sellers in London.

  3. Just so long as they avoid the utterly unaccetrable and confine themselves to "fucking ***** cunt" all will be well.