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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Birds

My thanks to a loyal reader who alerted me to a story in the Courier the other day, about Nanny's chums from Angus council banning bird feeders in the garden of a council house occupied by Anne Chrystall and her husband Jim for the last 30 years.

Mrs Chrystall's garden, which often wins prizes for its flora and fauna, has had bird feeders in it for some years. However, because the council received one complaint about seagulls they decreed that Mrs Chrystall should remove her feeders ASAP.

The council official who arrived at Mrs Chrystall's house was apparently abrupt, rude and didn't even introduce herself.

Oddly enough, the feeders only contains seeds and nuts for small birds; ie they are of no interest to seagulls.

Needless to say Nanny isn't interested in the facts, when they contradict her view of reality!

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    This is precisely the work we want our council officials to be doing. This and putting the logo on plastic waste bags. Excellent news.

    Actually what this couple should have done is phone the councila nd remark about a strange official hanging around their bird feeder - no doubt the council would have sent another officer around to check on what was happening .......

  2. Archroy11:43 AM

    Now this is public, how soon before the backdown: "misunderstanding", "taken out of context", "have to take complaints seriously", "paramount", "are speaking to Mr and Mrs Chrystall to come to a mutuallly acceptable arrangement", and all the rest of the arse-covering bollocks (if that's actually physically possible).

  3. Is there actually any specific wording in her tenancy agreement regarding feeding birds? I'm sure millions of other tenants around the country do the same.

    And if he didn't introduce himself I think an official complaint of "impersonating a council officer" would be in order.

  4. Lord of Atlantis3:11 PM

    Mr and Mrs Chrystall should have called the police to report a strange woman trespassing in their garden --- and council jobsworths are universally strange, thank you! A pity they didn't respond with equal rudeness, including telling this jobsworth to "Get lost!" A pity local authorities cannot put as much effort into dealing with things that actually matter to people instead of this nonsense. No doubt it is because they waste so much money on this sort of rubbish that they have no funds for real issues such as caring for the elderly, or filling in potholes on their roads.