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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, July 27, 2012

HMRC Publishes Photo of Plumber

It is ironic, is it not, that Nanny is so very keen to name, shame and publish the photo of a plumber convicted of tax evasion?

Yet certain criminals (because their lives may be in danger because of what they did) are given the gift of anonymity by the state.

Why did Nanny's HMRC do this to a plumber?

Killing a chicken scares the monkeys, Nanny is broke and will use every trick and instrument at her disposal to make sure we pay our tithes to her.

Why do you think Gauke was banging on about "cash in hand" the other day?

Plumbers, electricians etc al are easy targets.

In other news, Barclays have today said sorry for rigging Libor and have announced that underlying first-half pre-tax profits rose 13% to £4.23BN.


So all is right with the world, yes?

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I think that instead of getting a flea up their arse about how much money is coming into the system, the Government should monitor just how much is being wasted out of the system with the same vigour.
    The £9 billion wankfest due to open this evening comes to mind, as does the appalling wastage by NHS trusts and local councils.

    1. Anonymous12:21 PM

      £12 billion, fuck my boots!
      I just want the whole thing to be over and then I will not have to watch the British Smug Team of Cameron, Coe and Johnson any more.

      No wonder that cunt Coe was a good runner. Being such an arrogant, smug ponce he probably got plenty of practice being chased by bullies at school.

      As for Boris, I always thought that he was just a bumbling shambles of a man, but his many recent TV appearances have shown that he really is quite a nasty bastard.

      Cameron……Cunt. ‘nuff said.

    2. Don't forget Mitt Romney Marsh, the walking clusterfuck, hasn't exactly distinguished himself either!

    3. Anonymous7:22 AM

      I apologise for drifting away from the original subject Ken, but I have just watched the opening ceremony.

      It was understandably nowhere near as good as the one in Beijing and it was clear that there were people there for purely political reasons. It was also sad that Mohammed Ali was displayed in such a way.

      But the fact remains that thousands of people worked very hard to bring the whole thing together and the taxpayers have contributed billions of pounds to try to give the world a games to be proud of.

      The GB team may not be the best or the beat prepared, we will have to wait and see; but they are the best we can offer.

      I shall remember the ceremony because of 2 people.
      The queen one again demonstrated just how out of touch and apathetic she is by not even bothering to applaud her GB athlete as they entered the arena. Whilst other dignitaries were enthusiastically on their feet and waving for their teams, she was sat, sour faced next to her equally ignorant husband, who seemed to be asleep.

      In the future when the media criticise teams like our footballers, some of whom do not sing the national anthem at the beginning of tournaments, I hope that the total disinterest of these pair of over privileged scroungers is remembered.

  2. Lord of Atlantis4:02 PM

    "So all is right with the world, yes?"

    Yes, Ken, if you don't object to being ripped off by politicians, bankers and others, nor mind being bullied by elf'n'safety and political correctness jobsworths.