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Thursday, July 12, 2012

G4S Knobheads of The Millennium

Congratulations to G4S for winning my rarely awarded, yet highly prized, Knobheads of The Millennium Award.

For why?

Have a wee look here on my Olympics site and in Metro, and note especially what I say in the final paragraphs:
"Were the Olympics being run in transparent and open manner the taxpayers (who are paying for this corporate marketing fest) would have the right to look at the contract that G4S has signed for providing security for the Games. Unfortunately the Olympics are not being run in an open and transparent manner, and the contract is not available for public scrutiny.

Why are the taxpayers, who are funding the Games, not allowed to satisfy themselves that their money has been wisely spent and that contracts signed in their names have been negotiated in their best interests?

As an FCA and experienced fraud investigator I would never advise people to put money into a project/business without them at the very least seeing the contract and reviewing it thoroughly, taking advice from independent finance/legal professionals.

The government would argue that they acted in the interest of taxpayers when reviewing and negotiating the contract with G4S. However, as can be seen from this omnishambles of incompetence, it is clear that the government was not up to the job of looking after taxpayers' interests.
G4S well deserving Knobheads of The Millennium!

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  1. Tonk.3:06 PM


    Theresa May, in her statement this morning to the House of Commons, stated that the contract was between LOCOG and G4S when asked about penalty clauses.

    Given Group Four's past record in relation to the custodial services section of their business, I was surprised they were given any contracts at all.

    If there was a contract between LOCAG and G4S, then there must also be a contract between us and LOCAG; I hope we will be clawing back some money from those that have made vast sums out of London 2012 and the egofest.

  2. Makes you wonder how good they are at running privatised prisons (Belmarsh) which I have always considered to be immoral.

    G4S have a secret base nearby but everybody knows what and where it is, tossers.

  3. Lord of Atlantis11:07 AM

    There is, to adapt a quote Shakespeare, something rotten in this state!"

  4. Anonymous1:04 PM

    The government and the elites - media, legal, celebrity (ha fuking ha)and financial - hace well and truly fucked this country up!!

    I want my fucking money back

    Anyone care to join me?

  5. Anonymous7:42 PM

    The bastard who runs this company is paid £5 million a year and is now due to appear before a select committee of parliament next week where they will tear him to shreds and bite off his bollocks as they have done with Murdoch and every other 'mate' of theirs. I am angry about this even though I don't care about the olympics sham. it's just another episode where the government assists those who will to rip off the people of the UK. Where's the revolution???????