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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, July 09, 2012

The Silence

It being a Monday, with all the depressive baggage that this day of the week brings, I am in the mood to share with you a gemusing story that a loyal reader pointed me to a wee while ago.

Iain Gilmour, head teacher at Isambard Brunel Junior School in Portsmouth, had recently become rather fed up with kids talking so loudly at breaktimes in the dining hall. He therefore asked that they whisper and, rather unwisely, cited "health and safety" as his justification; claiming the loudness of their chatter in the hall broke some unknown noise health and safety rule.

Personally speaking I think he was absolutely right to ask for some "'ush in 'all", children should be seen not heard!

Anyhoo, it seems to have worked, the whispering rule has now been relaxed and the atmosphere in the dining hall is apparently far more conducive to civilised verbal intercourse than before.

My compliments to Mr Gilmour for a good idea and for giving me a laugh!

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  1. Surly-enny-fule-nose - that mentioning 'intercourse' in ANY context that includes 'kiddies' - will merely encourage the paedos?

    1. Probably, that includes my comment above??

    2. a sad world Nanny has created!