Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Minority Are Always Right

In Nanny's world the voice of the minority has become the loudest and the one that must be obeyed, even if that voice is spouting bollocks.

Step forward the minority voice (ie the single complaint) that caused Blackheath Primary School in Sandwell to recently ban parents from taking photographs of their own children during a school play.

With just minutes before the performance was due to start, the Mail reports that headteacher Lesley King announced nobody was allowed to film their children because one parent had complained.

In Nanny's world, the minority is always right and we now live under the tyranny of the minority!

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  1. Unless of course they're demanding an EU Referendum, in which case they're ignored..

  2. Archroy12:01 PM

    If the teacher had any balls (which few of them do) he would simply say that any parents who do not want photgraphs taken of their children on a public stage, should leve the hall and take their children with them. They when they got outside they could explain to the crying offspting exactly why they are not taking part in the play.

  3. Archroy12:03 PM

    Lesley, it's a woman, so adjust 'balls' accordingly.

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Lesley King must think that I am a right dirty bastard.

    Yesterday I enjoyed watching a 15 year old foreign girl parading around in only a swimsuit, she then got herself all wet, put on a performance and knowing that there was a huge audience, started waving and smiling for the cameras.

    Her name was Ruta Meilutyte, she is Lithuanian and she won gold.

  5. Is it be too much to hope that the next time this sort of idiocy occurs the rest of the parents either:
    1) Demand the objectors child is removed
    2) Remove their own children
    3) Just ignore the head and carry on regardless

    It's time these pathetic little dictators are put in their place.

  6. Anonymous4:08 PM

    ".......and we now live under the tyranny of the minority!"

    like the coalition government

  7. Anonymous3:50 AM

    There is no reason to disturb everyone in the audience by photographing while a play is being performed. Presumably the photographer would have to stand and take time to frame the pictures thereby annoying everyone sitting behind.