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Friday, July 13, 2012

Smoking Fascists - Physician Heal Thyself!

My thanks to a loyal reader who alerted me to a recent article on Dick Puddlecote about the smoking fascism practised by the BMA towards their own kith and kin.

It seems that Dr Brendan O'reilly was suspended from the BMA Welsh Council for having the "temerity" to suggest that the "evidence" about the "dangers" of smoking in vehicles was not as sound as it could be.

Ironically, the BMA also seemed to agree with his view the "evidence" was not 100% sound, as the BMA publicly revised some of the data. However, Dr Reilly was still suspended.

Sadly, some scientists and their ilk can be as prone to prejudice, bias and prima donnaism as the rest of us.

Here is the article in full:
"Possession of an independent mind is not really something the health lobby consider a quality, sadly.
A retired GP has been suspended from the BMA Welsh Council until 2014 after he questioned the evidence behind the BMA's campaign to ban smoking in vehicles on BBC Radio.

Dr Brendan O'Reilly, a retired GP, has also had his BMA membership suspended until he provides ‘an acceptable written apology' to four named BMA members, including Dr Vivienne Nathanson, head of the BMA science and ethics committee.

In a hearing held yesterday a BMA Council panel said they considered Dr O'Reilly's language when describing his opposition to the BMA's use of statistics on the risks of passive smoking in cars as ‘unacceptable'.
And what was he criticising?
Among figures questioned by Dr O'Reilly was a statistic that children in cars are exposed to 23 times more toxins than people in a smoky bar.

In its determination, the BMA admitted it did, at a later stage, have to publicly revise some of the data in its briefing paper Smoking in Vehicles. But it said Dr O'Reilly's use of the term manipulation was ‘detrimental to the honour and interest of the BMA'.
That's right. Pointing out that the BMA were publishing absolute rubbish, which they themselves later admitted, is a crime liable to suspension in the BMA's book.
‘BMA members should be able to debate differences in opinion without being threatened or harangued for doing so,' he added. ‘There is a massive issue here about free speech.'
Free speech in the field of anti-smoking hysteria? I'm afraid it's not allowed, sunshine. Nor is truth, more's the pity.

Just ask James Enstrom or Michael Siegel."
Physician heal thyself!

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  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    can't we 'set alight' the anti smoking fascists?

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    It seems that these people no longer call themselves doctors. Doctor is too much of a general title, so they have now elevated themselves to the lofty heights of ‘health experts’.

    Health experts have taken the totally unscientific stance that if people are never exposed to risk, even the tiniest, most insignificant risk, then they will not get ill and they will live longer.
    I don’t think that the evidence supports their theory.

    I notice that there are far more kids with allergies and intolerances than I remember from my childhood. It seems that almost every other child carries an asthma pump nowadays, and nut, dairy product, wheat and glutton intolerances seem to be in fashion.
    Perhaps kid’s immune systems are not now being given the opportunity to develop.

    The same can be said of adults that have been raised in this sterile, disinfected environment.
    I defy anyone from the UK to spend any time in India without getting the shits. The locals seem to manage alright, but all visitors find themselves spending days on the bog pissing runny water from their arses.

    I am not suggesting that we adopt the disgusting ‘hygiene’ habits that prevail in India, but surely we are pushing things too far in the opposite direction.

  3. Tonk.2:53 PM


    I agree 100%
    The irony though, is that in hospitals, to comply with 'elf'n'safety rules, cleaners have to use much less effective substances. In the forensic psychiatric hospital where I nursed, it was a requirement that the cleaning products could be drank by the patients without causing any long term harm!

    I think many parents want their kids to have some allergy or other, just so that they're special. I am sure some do have an allergy to some things but, I suspect, most don't.