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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Booze Matters - Nanny To Ban Sponsorship

I am hugely gemused to see that the House of Commons health committee (which sits in the place where MP's drink taxpayer subsidised booze) has got its knickers in a twist over the marketing of booze.

The committee is of the view that the booze industry is not doing enough to tackle "problem" drinking.

The solution?

Tougher rules on alcohol marketing are needed, including possibly a ban on sports sponsorship.

However, the ban on sponsorship won't occur yet.

For why?


Step forward Heineken, a respected and welcome SPONSOR of London 2012.


Still, the committee has in part got its way.

For why?

Whilst Heineken is allowed to sponsor the Games, British brewers are not!

Heineken has a £10M sponsorship agreement million for ‘sole pouring rights’ at all Olympic venues!

British branded beers are persona non grata.


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  1. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Although it has now been discontinued as a brand, White Lightning cider was the most popular drink with Scotland’s many alkies and binge drinkers.

    I had never seen an advert for it; I don’t think there ever was one. They never used the brand for sports sponsorship, but it was notorious for its strength, low price and ability to get you off your face. A true ‘wife beater’ cider is ever there was one.

    I doubt of many of Scotland’s piss heads would have changed to a different brand just because they happened to like a particular advert or poster.

  2. Anonymous11:26 AM

    "British branded beers are persona non grata"

    rather like the british branded paper 'The Voice' not welcome at the shamolympics

    MPs can go fuck themselves

  3. Yes, it does appear that many foreign corporations have benefited from the 2012 egofest.

    So, they are taking alcohol down the same road as they took tobaco; First the ban on adverts, teh.....When will we see beer sold under the counter in plain tins?

    I am sure the reason why our stupid politicians spend so much time tinkering with silly things, is that they have given all the real power over things that really matter, to the EUSSR.

  4. Are you allowed to say "London 2012" without incurring their legal wrath?

  5. As Tonk says they are following the tried and tested tobacco ban route and if Big Alco can't see that they must be fools.