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Monday, July 16, 2012

2011 Census Results

If anyone is interested, Nanny's Orifice of National Statistics (the body that regularly screws up financial data) is releasing the results of the 2011 Census:
  • On census night the population in England and Wales was 56.1 million, 53.0 million in England and 3.1 million in Wales. This was the largest the population had ever been.
  • The population of England and Wales grew by 3.7 million in the 10 years since the last census, rising from 52.4 million in 2001, an increase of 7.1 per cent. This was the largest growth in the population in England and Wales in any 10-year period since census taking began, in 1801.
  • The median age of the population in England and Wales was 39. For men, the median age was 38 and for women it was 40. In 1911, the median age was 25.
  • The percentage of the population aged 65 and over was the highest seen in any census at 16.4 per cent, that is one in six people in the population was 65 and over.
  • There were 430,000 residents aged 90 and over in 2011 compared with 340,000 in 2001 and 13,000 in 1911.
  • In 2011, there were 3.5 million children under five in England and Wales, 406,000 more than in 2001. 
Apparently, if Twitter is to be believed, around 6M people did not fill it in (this figure is suspect until verified). In theory this could generate Nanny £6BN, at £1K per head.

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  1. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Is it me, or are the XLS and PDF files corrupt?

    1. I've managed to open one without any probs.

      What is the problem you are experiencing?

    2. Anonymous4:54 PM

      I can open the XLS files but they just display garbage. Most odd.

  2. I hope they don't analyse it too closely because when it came to all those intrusive employment, religion and race questions I filled mine in with a load of shite.

    And the rest I filled in left handed so it was pretty illegible.