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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Clean Up On Aisle 5!

Oh dear, this will need to be cleaned up....

On the subject of Horsegate I saw an "expert" on Channel 4 News the other night arguing that this would not have happened if food were not so cheap; ie he was arguing that food prices should increase!

Utter bollocks!

The higher the price of meat, the greater the incentive to commit fraud by substituting cheap/illegal meat.

Clearly these Nannying "experts" have no understanding of human nature.

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1 comment:

  1. It is amusing that politicians and their little helpers, are keen to tell us that food in real terms is cheaper now than its ever been however, fuel and housing are now dearer than they've ever been which more than takes away any gain one might have made from the "cheaper food prices."

    Nanny needs to understand that, where a fiddle is possible, someone will see it and do it.

    If dead cow is five times dearer than dead horse, then someone, perhaps on a night shift when management are no where to be seen, will do a deal with a delivery driver/supplier to substitute cheap dead horse for dear dead cow. They will then sell the dead cow on and split the profits. Minced dead horse looks the same as minced dead cow and once seasoning and flavourings are added, they taste much the same......The moral of the story?.....Don't buy cheap processed crap, cook from scratch.

    I ask the question again: given that horse meat is cheap,(20% the cost of beef) why don't we encourage the poor to buy it as a source of protein; it would be better than ding dinners? Why do we consider some animals fair game, in terms of food sources, and others not?