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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Nanny Bans Colour

I was ungemused to see that some nimbies in the Corinimu Via estate in the Cotswolds have taken a dislike to a newly constructed children's playground.

Is it 'cos the kids who use it are unruly?


Seemingly the angst of the nimbies is driven by their dislike of the colour scheme of the playground, apparently it is too bright!

The result being that the playground has been fenced off, and the kids are not allowed to use it until a "satisfactory" colour scheme is derived.
Developer Redrow Homes, because of the complaints, have erected a metal fence around the site and vowed to re-paint the swings and climbing frames, which are primarily red, green and blue. However, as the Telegraph reports, the area has remained sealed off ever since; Redrow is now seeking planning permission to change the colour scheme and re-locate some of the equipment.

A Cotswold District Council spokesman Bob McNally said:
"Cotswolds District Council has responded to objections that were brought to us by some residents whose homes are near or overlook the play area. 

At the request of several residents, it was agreed collectively that the opening of the play area would be put on hold until their concerns were considered further. 

One of the residents' concerns was about the bright colours of the equipment - which are not in line with the approved plan conditions for the play area.

The developer has agreed to address this as soon as the formal planning approval for relocating the equipment is granted."
As ever in Nanny's Britain the voice of the disgruntled, sad whining individual takes precedence over that of the well adjusted sensible majority!

Kids are given a lot of "stick" by the media, politicians etc these days for hanging round streets looking menacing, and for disrespecting their elders. Given this selfish nonsense, it is hardly surprising that kids have a less than positive attitude to adults and turn into selfish gits hanging round street corners disrespecting adults.

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  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    This is probably not much to do with the colour scheme, more likely is that the miserable bastards just don't want a play area and the expected noise.

    Without much hope of proper recreation, I hope the kids occupy themselves by throwing a few bricks through the protesters windows.

  2. Lord of Atlantis5:19 PM

    So what if the colour is wrong? Surely, they could allow the children to use it until they are ready to repaint it? I agree with you, Anonymous. The real problem is down to busybodies and council jobsworths neither of whom can bear to see children (or adults) enjoying themselves.

  3. Anonymous8:14 PM

    Despite the offer to repaint the equipment the miserable sods then made another excuse that it was "too big". I agree that they just don't want this playground in their backyard.

  4. Anonymous3:30 AM

    So what - modern kids are a pain in the bum. And all to often well over 17 and drunk.

  5. Lord of Atlantis12:03 PM

    By no means all. And it is grossly unfair to punish the well-behaved majority for the sins of a few jerks. By removing this facility, the local kids are far more likely to be drawn into anti-social behaviour.

  6. I've always said that there should be more playgrounds and bigger ones too, ones with smaller designs for the ickle ones and a larger section for everyone. Including adults.

    The adventure playground in the New Forest Wildlife Park we visited this weekend just gone is proudly open to all ages, and there were plenty of adults having fun. An 'adult playground' should not be boring unimaginative waterproof cycle machines and treadmills; it should be huge rope and wood climbing frames, bowl and dragon swings, zipwires and more!! After a mere half an hour on the playground I was out of breath from running and climbing - it was fantastic exercise and brilliant fun to boot!!

    But noooooooooo, play is for children. And only in tiny ill-maintained rotting corners with noise ordinances and arsehole neighbours.