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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, February 22, 2013

Nanny's Hi Vis Horse

Ladies and Gentlemen you are doubtless familiar with Nanny's penchant for shrouding everyone in hi vis attire, I now give you Nanny's hi vis horse!

Seemingly, in the wake of the horsegate scandal, Nanny is worried that we may not able to recognise a horse. The next time your munching your way through a ready made lasagne, and you come across a fragment of hi vis clothing you know that the product wasn't made of beef.

Still, the hi vis wear doubtless has other uses, let's face it without such attire it would be remarkably difficult to see the horse in the middle of the road!

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  1. The whole concept of hi-viz amuses me......It appears that Nanny uses it to show the world that a person is working.......Watching the news channels live from Eastleigh, the politicians are out and about, trying to convince people they're really nice and on their side etc, and often, these speeches are from factories or offices and I notice that so many people are in hi-viz vests for no real reason; it's become a kind of state sponsered fetish!...Have politicians and councils purchased shares in companies that make hi-viz wear?
    Hi-viz wear has become the uniform of the worker in much the same way the boiler suit is in Germany....(note; I have not been to Germany for over a decade now but, last time I was there, I saw many people out and about in boiler suits which struck me as odd.)

    As I have mooted before on here: I actually stand out more in the street because I am one of the few not in Hi-Viz!

  2. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I worry about the mental state of a person that would buy a hi-vis cover for a horses' arse.

  3. Lord of Atlantis12:09 PM

    "As I have mooted before on here: I actually stand out more in the street because I am one of the few not in Hi-Viz!"

    Me too, Tonk!

    For those of you who cannot tell a horse from a cow, the horse makes a neighing sound, whilst a cow goes 'moo'!

    Anyone who needs there to be a hi-viz vest on the animal for them to see the horse, must be as blind asd a bat, and therefore has no business whatever to be driving!

  4. Folks I am confused, is it hi vis, hi-vis, hi viz or hi-viz?

    1. Tonk.1:21 PM

      Actually Ken, it's twat wear.....Have it large this weekend!

  5. Further to Tonk's comment "I actually stand out more in the street because I am one of the few not in Hi-Viz!" - Richard Littlejohn in the Mail, who Ken linked to recently, is updating that article with readers experiences. Here's a cracker from today:

    "This week, I heard from a private pilot who was reprimanded for inspecting his plane at an airport in the Midlands without a regulation shiny yellow jerkin.

    As he was walking round the aircraft he was bawled out by a young girl with a clipboard from elf’n’safety, who had driven on to the apron in a hi-viz jeep with flashing yellow lights.

    ‘How did you know I wasn’t wearing a hi-viz jacket?’ he asked her.

    ‘I could see you from my office,’ she said."

  6. Philippa7:16 PM

    This picture made me laugh out loud!