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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Croydon London Wanking Capital

I am ungemused to read that Nanny's chums from the council my old hometown (and place of my birth) Croydon (today named as Wanking Capital of London) is redoubling its efforts to extort money from the hapless local residents, by employing Xfor a private security firm (made up of ex squaddies) who will act as "street enforcement officers" anbd impose £80 fines on anyone dropping litter etc.

Now here's the catch, Xfor are accountable to no one and receive £45 for every £80 fine imposed.

Can you see the incentive for them to whack the residents of Croydon with as many fines as possible?

It's known as the "corruption of punishment", whereby the state is incentivised to levy as many fines as possible in order to increase its revenue stream.

Inside Croydon reports that neighbouring Bromley hired Xfor, and saw a the number of on the spot fines increase from 4 to 618 in a year!

Councils are the enemies of the people and Croydon, under the ruling Tory council there, is most certainly London's wanking capital!

Have some sympathy for my poor old mum., who still lives there!

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  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Croydon council along with Bromley council appear to be run by complete fuckwits.
    Sooner or later these bastards are going to go knocking on their resident’s doors trying to scrounge votes. I would tell them to fuck right off.

    Despite the fact that the number of fines issued in Bromley has risen dramatically, the place still remains a shit-hole. This is because a ‘Street Enforcement Officer’ can only issue a limited number of fines per day. If Bromley has 2 of these officers and they only issued 618 fines in a year, that is less than one a day each. I.e. they have only ‘saved’ the town from 618 pieces of litter a year.

    The same officers should be given a broom, and with the correct amount of Health and Safety training on how to use it, they could clear up many times that amount of litter per day.

  2. Tonk.2:04 PM

    As I have mooted before, when the criminal justice system becomes little more than an extension to HMRC in order to collect tax, then it brings it into disrepute.

    The problem is that many other local Nannies will look at this scheme to see how much cash it generates and if it generates a lot, they will copy it. If each fine(sic) generates £45 for the company, it still must leave £35 for Nanny for doing almost nothing....Kerching!

    1. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Hardly Kerching Tonk!

      If we assume that Bromley employ 2 officers (a reasonable assumption as only 618 fines were issued in an entire year), then the revenue to the council would be 618x35. A total of £21,630.

      The job of an officer would probably not be commission only, so I doubt that the amount raised by fines would even cover the cost of employing them; but even if the officers worked solely for the £45 that they receive from each fine and the council received the rest, then at the rate that councils spend money, £21,630 is fuck all.

    2. Tonk.7:15 PM

      Xfor will, as per their website, provide "officers" that will only charge a local authority for each ticket issued. If no tickets are issued, then there is no charge.......Therefore, as stated, Nanny makes £35 per ticket issued for doing nothing and taking no risk: nice work if you can get it! You are correct that £21,630 is like pissing in the sea as a portion of their overall budget but, it is free money and is not to be sniffed at. If Nanny can come up with similar schemes for parking etc, it will soon add up.

      The one thing I did notice from their website is that their "officer's" uniforms, in my opinion, look very similar to those worn by police officers.....Coincidence?

      Here is the quote from their website:-

      """Risk-Free Environmental Enforcement Officers
      Our risk-free payment structure guarantees that you only pay for each ticket that is issued. When an XFOR LAS Enforcement Officer issues an FPN, the income from this ticket covers the costs of your service.
      If no FPNs are issued, you will not be charged for the service you have received and still receive the benefit of high visibility officers acting within your community."""""

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Dear Mr Frost

    Spot fines and forfeitures of every type are illegal and void under our constitution; they are expressly prohibited by the Declaration of Rights of 1688/9, which established the presumption of innocence.

    Guilty until proved innocent is the continental system of justice, the EU's system of choice. Our public servants are now enforcing unconstitutional laws upon us as part of the assimilation process into 'ever closer union' with the EU.


  4. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I stand corrected and thanks for the additional information.

    I find what you wrote quite disturbing.
    Xfor earn £45 per fine issued and in Bromley for the entire year there were 618 fines. They therefore allegedly earned £27,810.

    Assuming that they only supplied one ‘officer’ his wages would be a percentage of that amount. I really can’t see anyone wanting to do that shit job, or in fact ANY job for less than 15k per year, which would leave Xfor a gross income of only £12,810 from Bromley from the entire year.

    What if they supplied 2 ‘officers’? Are they operating at a loss?

    As it stands Xfor do not have a sustainable business working at those levels.
    Do you get the impression that they MUST be under declaring the amount of fines issued to Bromley?

    1. Tonk.7:49 PM

      I suspect these people are very mobile and may cover more than one area.
      I know that a court services contractor recruited many ex prison officers and police officers on low wages.....Many of these ex police/prison officers were in receipt of their pension from HMP and The Police Service for long service but were only in their early fifties; They were working for "pocket money" to boost their pensions.....I wonder if some of the ex army personnel are in a similar situation.

      I do agree that, something does smell a tad fishy.