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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Nanny Bans Fizzy Sugar Water and Shite Food

I see that Nanny's chums from the medical profession are yet again hyperventilating about the dangers to our health posed by fizzy sugared water and shite processed/fast food (sans horsemeat).

The good doctors want fizzy sugared water taxed, and adverts for shite food banned until after the watershed.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, which represents nearly every doctor in the UK, is worried about the obesity epidemic and wants unhealthy foods to be treated in the same way as fags.

As I have warned many times before on this site Nanny, once she has dealt with the smokers and drinkers, will come after those who eat food that she deems to be "unhealthy".

Ermmmm...horsegate anyone (did Nanny herself not serve unhealthy food to our kids?)?

It is very well, and easy, to demonise advertising and the abundance of "cheap" food for the rise in obesity in this country. However, like it or not, people are not forced to eat shite; they eat it (horsegate aside) of their own free will.

I enjoy the occasional bucket of fried chicken and fries, washed down with copious amounts of Red Stripe. Once in a while, with a balanced diet, this does no harm. However, were I to eat that everyday I would become a fat unhealthy lard bucket.

I don't eat that every day for a number of reasons:

1 I don't want to.

2 I enjoy variety in my food intake.

3 I don't wish to become a lard bucket etc.

The doctors press their case on the basis that we don't seem to be able to control ourselves, well how is it that I and a good many other people can control ourselves and not gorge ourselves to death on shite?

The doctors also worry about the cost to the NHS of treating obese people. That is true, the costs of treating obesity are rising. However, were the obese people to be made slim and healthy tomorrow by a flip of Nanny's magic wand we can assume that they would live long lives into a demented, decaying old age. Thus transferring the cost of treating them from obesity to the long term care of elderly and demented.

Sorry to say it, but Nanny knows full well that the younger you die the less you cost the state.

The doctors are failing to look at the overall picture, namely that the demands on the NHS are simply too great for it to be able to bear in its current form; the NHS is like a balloon squeeze one end (eg tackle obesity) and another pops out (ie the cost of caring for the elderly).

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1 comment:

  1. I blame Nanny for the rise in fatties!

    She sold off school playing fields thus creating a nation of inactive children....She also frightens the parents into not letting the kids out to run around because, Nanny has convinced parents that there is a paedophile hiding in every bush.

    She has forced both parents out to work thus making time too tight for mothers to cook decent meals, hence the rise in sales of ding dinners.

    She serves crap in schools to the kids which are full of adictive MSG and the kids crave this MSG and the types of food it is in, again processed ding dinners and they won't eat traditional meat and two veg.

    She nolonger teaches proper cooking skills in schools: she would rather brainwash the kids into PC, socialist, EUSSR sanctioned bollocks.

    Regarding the NHS: people now expect far too much from it.....It was set up to keep the nation healthy, not to offer cosmetic surgury, gender reassignment nor IVF treatments.

    Our country is becoming a nasty place to live and our politicians are thinking of more and more ways to justify picking our pockets....Mansion tax, assett tax etc etc which all come down to "Boo hoo hoo, he's got something I haven't got, take it off him Nanny" aka the politics of envy.