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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Save The Goldfish

Save The GoldfishNanny has had an attack of pre election nerves. Normally she is never reticent about passing legislation, that intrudes into the minutiae of her "charges" lives.

However, Nanny has had a few nightmares about the fox hunting ban debacle; where Blairy's own office, fearful of the chaos that would ensue during the forthcoming general election, leaked a tip to the Countryside Alliance as to how they could "scupper" the ban for the next 7 years or so.

Nanny is not going risk the same problems arising with other animal issues. Therefore her proposed bill to protect goldfish from the stress of being given away at funfairs, and then being flushed down the toilet, is being quietly dropped.

It seems that Nanny is worried that disreputable organisations, such as, would take the "piss" out of her; and accuse her of creating a "Nanny State".

Tut tut, such mockery of our elected "leaders" is most certainly not approved of by this site!

Anyhoo, the welfare of the poor old goldfish is being sacrificed to save Nanny's blushes.

Do you feel that goldfish are getting a "raw deal"? Do you think that they should be saved, and this bill enacted?

Please feel free to post your views on goldfish here, they will of course be ignored.

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  1. I wonder whether any Labour minister has ever eaten crispy baby whitebait - that's a complete massacre in one dish - yum yum.

    I've probably eaten as many whitebait in one meal as British goldfish that are flushed down the bog in a whole year.