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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Nanny Admits to Bribing Voters

Nanny Bribes VotersIn a rare display of honesty from one of Nanny’s acolytes, Mike O‘Brien Minister for Energy in the DTI and Nanny’s MP for North Warwickshire, has admitted that the proposed law on religious hatred is designed specifically to buy Muslim votes.

O’Brien “spilt the beans” in a detailed article, that he wrote this week for The Muslim Weekly.

In brief, the article tells Muslims that Nanny’s party is the only party that they should vote for; if they know what is good for them. Quote:

“..But this is not the first and only time that Labour Party has delivered for Muslims. When I was a Home Office Minister in 1997, the Muslim Council of Britain lobbied me to introduce not only a new law which would increase sentences for racial violence and harassment but also to recognise the particular problems faced by Muslims. As a result we were able to amend the law to make religion a factor in any violence and harassment. Today, new Crime Bill, announced in the Queens Speech is coming before Parliament to toughen the laws on incitement to religious hatred…”

O’Brien then goes on to describe Michael Howard as being “the most prominent Jewish figure in British politics” and asking “what will Michael Howard do for British Muslims?

In other words, O’Brien blatantly plays to a perceived prejudice that Muslims and Jewish people cannot work together.

O’Brien’s nasty little article displays all that is odious, and unpleasant, about Nanny and her friends. They seek to rule by division, setting one group against another, and by buying votes.

The proposed law on religious hatred is a Trojan horse, in the democratic structure of this country. Were it already in place I guarantee that the Sikh extremists, who shut down the play in Birmingham in December, and the Christian extremists who are issuing death threats to BBC executives over the airing of the Jerry Springer opera would have used it for their own unpleasant ends.

People who seek to impose their inflexible ideas on others, by the use of violence, are scum; they should not be given laws that strengthen their hand!

Mr “Trial Without Jury” Blunkett once said:

I am very clear that some of the noisiest and most high profile political and religious extremists in this country have no mandate to speak for the communities they claim to represent and evoke a reaction which plays into the hands of racists..”

This bill, if it is passed, will give those extremists an extra tool in their armoury. Nanny, by playing to the gallery, has sunk to the level of the religious extremists; stop this unholy bill now!


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I looked at the piece you linked to and couldn't find that quote you cited from it about Howard being 'the most prominent Jewish figure in British politics'. Perhaps you'd like to give a more specific reference.

  2. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Is there any proof that any Christian issued a death threat to any BBC exec? Or did the BBC make it up?

    Lets show a TV programme that mocks Christians, and if they complain, We'll demonize them and say they've threatened us.