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Nanny Knows Best
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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Value of Cake Decoration

The Value of Cake DecoratingNanny has always told us that she believes in the value of education; she tirelessly strives, so she says, to improve educational standards throughout the country.

One area that has been of particular concern to her, is the fact that those of her "charges" who seek to acquire the age old skill of cake decoration are being discriminated against.

In particular she is concerned that there is a certain "educational snobbery" being applied against those with cake decorating skills, in favour of those with qualifications in lesser subjects such as Physics.

To this end, Nanny has decreed that a distinction in cake decorating is worth more than an A grade in GCSE Physics.

Stephen TwigletThere are those of you who may feel that this system is "bollocks". However, our old friend Stephen Twiglet (Nanny's School Standard Minister) has come to Nanny's rescue. He accuses detractors of:

"Old fashioned educational snobbery..."


"The world has moved on....This is a significant step forward in recognising the achievements of all pupils and of the importance of the flexible and vocational routes of learning..".

You will recall, as reported on this site (see "Nanny's Twiglet"), that Mr Twiglet has himself a little trouble with some of the more old fashioned educational skills; ie basic grammar.

Maybe he should have gone into cake decorating instead?

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  1. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Yes, you are right cake decoration is a lucrative field !