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Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another "Bright" Idea From Nanny's Bar Steward

Nanny's Smooth Talking Bar StewardThose of you who are worried about the stability of the housing market, may need to turn away from your screens now.

Nanny has decided that she wants to add to the regulatory burden of selling a house, and has selected one of the finest minds in her cabinet to tackle this tricky subject.

Can you guess who that is?

Yes, that's right, none other than Nanny's smooth talking bar steward John Despot.

The very mention of his name in association with the housing market, something that underpins the British economy, should send shivers down everyone's spines.

Anyhoo, dear old John has come up with a real humdinger of a plan.

The benefits or rationale of his scheme, to either seller or buyer, remain unclear; nonetheless that has never stopped him in the past from doing something, and that most certainly won't stop him now.

He wants to introduce home information packs during 2007, which he says will reduce the cost of buying a home.


The packs would be prepared by the seller, at an estimated cost of up to £1000; theoretically they would provide the buyer with all the information that he/she would need, eg ownership evidence and a property "health report".

However, as with all of Nanny's ideas, this idea has not been thought through.

  • Pre implementation there will be a rush of property sales, to avoid the £1000 cost and huge administrative burden; this will undoubtedly destabilise and inflate the already highly sensitive housing market.

  • The regulations will spawn a whole new class of "property cowboy", people and firms who will charge exorbitant fees for preparing these packs; needless to say they will operate without any form of regulation.

  • The fact that a seller prepares one of these packs, will be in no way a guarantee of the condition of the property; buyers will still have to pay for a survey. So how exactly does this reduce the cost of buying a property John?
The Bar Steward of course doesn't care about any of these problems, as he already has use of several homes (one for each of his Jaguars).

Bollocks To The Bar Steward

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  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    These 'information packs' are so that Nanny can bring in more and more regulations.

    Do you have Nanny approved hot water?
    It will be in the pack.

    Has your heating been installed and serviced by a Nanny Approved technician?
    It will be in the pack.

    Does your conservatory meet nannies building regulations?
    In the Pack.

    Have your electrics been inspected and any work certified by a Nanny Approved sparky?
    In the pack.

    And so and and so on, with whatever daft new schemes Nanny comes up with. An Englishmans home is his castle. Bollocks. It's Nannies.

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Well! That's just stuck at least £1000 on the price of a house.

    And this is supposed to help first time buyers by ...???