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Monday, November 14, 2005

Nanny Continues To Ban Christmas

Nanny Continues To Ban ChristmasI don't know why Nanny has such a bee in her bonnet about Christmas, but here is yet another example of her acting as a kill joy.

Nanny's chums in Waveney council in Lowestoft are planning to scrap grants for festive lights, because Christmas does not fit in with its "core values of equality and diversity".

Pardon my language, but what a load of....can you guess what I am going to say?..


A report drawn up by the council, then admits that the move could lead to officials being accused of "not supporting the spirit of Christmas".

Waveney council normally provides grants totalling £10K for festive lights. Its report states that because Christmas focuses only on the Christian faith, continuing the funding would "not fit well with the council's core values of equality and diversity".

The council is proposing to cut the lights grants to £5K next year and to stop them altogether by 2007.

Mark Bee, the council leader, tried to pretend that that the cuts were merely to save money. He said:

"I consider the wording of the document unfortunate and I will be taking it up with the officer on Monday..."

Too late, the proverbial cat is out of the bag Mr Bee!

So stupid, non Christians are in no way offended by the Christmas celebrations; this sort of ban is just patronising and daft.


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    The stores in Bangkok seem to gearing up for Christmas in a big way... obviously not causing too much offence to the Buddhist majority here

    Why can't nanny's chums live and let live in a similar way? If you want diversity then surely the celebration of Christmas lights et al should be partn of that diverseness

    Before coming to Thailand we were in Malaysia and there major festivals...Divali (Hindu), Hari Raya, (Muslim) Christmas (Christian) and Chinese New year ...are all celebrated without anyone trying to deny others the right to celebrate.

    Scrooge is certainly alive and well

  2. Waveney council normally provides grants totalling £10K for festive lights.

    Herein lies the problem. Why is Nanny subsidizing this in the first place?

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Well at first I thought this was a cost saving thing hidden behind a PC smoke screen. Also if it's so offensive why wait till 2007 to stop,

    As for the subsidy I do lean towards not subsidising things like this, (Diwali Light Fund anyone?) but on the other hand having lights, decorations and so forth could be argued to bring extra trade into shopping areas that might have been bypassed in favour of out of town super stores.

    Finally another nail in the cofin of a traditional Christmas, I heard a tail from a friend of a friend telling me that children were no longer allowed to sit on Santas Knee.

  4. Well, I'm certainly not surprised at Nanny prohibiting kids from sitting on Santa's knee (after all, anyone who's ever seen Bad Santa will of course wonder why this didn't occur to Nanny a long time ago).

    Speaking of Santa, since it's getting to be that time of year again, someone sent me an email about six years ago titled "What if Santa Had to Put Up With Government Like the Rest of Us?" If I can find it, I'll post it over on my own blog. I nearly blacked out laughing the first time I read it; unfortunately, it's probably closer to the truth this year than at any time in the past.

  5. I was talking to the owner of the local 'Pound shop' where they already have a spectacular display of Christmas lights set up in a 'grotto' at the back of the shop and large amounts of Christmas decorations for sale. He was telling me how one of the PC brigade had accused him of offending other faiths with the displays he had erected. The shopkeeper pointed out that neither he, his two sons or his wife were offended by displays of Christmas lights and nor were their friends...and they are all devout muslims. His views on the PC mob were that they are doing more to promote racial and religious bigotry than the BNP ever did.

  6. Anonymous11:16 PM

    You have seen nothing yet! I was laughed at because I bought a Nativity set. The shop owner said that she had to keep them hidden for fear of fooending the local do gooders!!! So I bought two for good measure and threatned to shove one of them somewhere painful in one of the two cretins laughing at me. He was covered in piercings by the way so I would have found it difficult to find a sutable area. Who do these arrogant little ****s think they are... Long live the revolution and there's one a commin!!!

  7. Maybe Nanny state should look at my works, several muslims who I work with sent me a Christmas card and also exchanged cards with each other.

    This PC stuff is utter rubbish that just seeks to divide rather than unite people through their differences.

    Anyway now thats off my chest I have to say I like the site, always good to read about what the eco/big brother moonbats are up to.