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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Those of you who shop at Sainsburys may find the following email sent to Justin King, CEO Sainsburys, to be of interest:

"Dear Mr King

Please be advised of the following problems that I am having with your "service":

1 Delivery arranged for 25 Sept 10-12am

2 I was called on 25th at 10:30 by the driver who claimed that the van would not start, and said the delivery would be late

3 We agreed that I would wait until 13:00, and he would call me back before then to advise of progress

4 He never called

5 I called "help desk" 13:30 and was advised (after many attempts by them to contact the Purley Way store) that earliest delivery would be 14:30.

Not acceptable.

We rescheduled for 27th 10am, first delivery slot

6 I was called back later by "help centre" to be told that the vans are only loaded at 10:00, as such delivery could not be at 10:00 but latest 11:00

Why do you have 10:00-12:00 as a slot, if you are not even loading vans until 10:00?

7 I confirmed the above by email, though no one wrote back; I merely have an electronic confirmation that someone would write back

Why do your people not answer emails?

8 Today, 27th, nothing has arrived.

9 I called "help centre", who have a record of Tuesday's discussion; they called Purley Way. The store claim to have no record of the delivery for today, and that they have no record of my delivery not being made on Tuesday.

10 They say that they will call me back, I am still waiting.

-Who has my Tuesday delivery?

-Don't you record customer returns?

-Someone is lying here, who?

-Are you impressed with the quality of customer service?

-Has my credit card been charged for this non delivery?

-What are you going to do about this?

-Why should I not use Tescos instead?

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Within the network are two sites that may be of particular interest to you; and

This story goes on my sites at 14:00 today.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Ken Frost "The Living Brand


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Seems to be fairly typical of customer dis-service to me....I always expect nothing from large corporations and I am seldom dissappointed.
    Hasn't Sainsbury recently made a £2m donation to Nanny recently?...reason enough for me not to use the supermarket chain anyway.
    To be fair though to Justin King....He has turned around Sainburys fortunes recently.

  2. Anonymous5:15 PM

    I have had a similar issue with Orange, charging me to TAKE my business from them when they admitted they could not provide the contracted service as a result of their own actions! I sense a new site coming on...


  3. Shop at Waitrose and use the Ocado online ordering and delivery service. Quality of goods far superior to Sainsbury/Tesco and delivery spot-on in my experience.

  4. Anonymous8:29 PM


  5. Even this sad tale ios not enough to make me shop at Tesco.