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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Dangers of Sauce - Ooh Err Missus!

The Dangers of Sauce - Ooh Err Missus!Oh dear our friends at Tesco have been up to their old tricks again. They seem to have a real bee in their bonnet about booze, and have adopted all of Nanny's worst habits and practices.

Claire Birchell (aged 25, ie over the age of 18) was making a bold attempt to buy a product from her Tesco store in Flitwick recently. However, she met with resistance from the Tesco "show me your papers" brigade who flatly refused to sell her the product without proof that she was over 18.

What was this dangerous product?






Not quite...

Ms Birchell was attempting to buy a bottle of barbecue sauce, the sauce was called Jack Daniel's sauce and contained a highly dangerous 2% of booze.

Needless to say the cashiers at Tesco couldn't allow an adult to buy such a dangerous product, unless they could prove that they were over 18. Heaven forfend that Ms Birchell (if she had been a minor) had the urge to rush home and down the bottle in one go!

The staff then pushed more salt into the open wound of their stupidity by refusing to sell it to Ms Birchell's brother-in-law, Philip Dover (a mere 27 years old) who was with her at the time and did have ID.

Why did they refuse to sell it to him?

Obvious isn't it?

They said he would just give it to her.

Are these people farking stupid, taking the piss or is this some cunning marketing plan that Tesco are trying out?

Read more Tesco stupidity here.

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  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I wonder just how Tesco managed to become the UK's largest grocer when they take crazy decisions like this.

    I suspect Nanny has frightened Tesco and other shops to death with threats of fines....Kerching...if they sell alcohol to minors, I suspect the average checkout slave does not know exactly what the regulations are and thus errs on the side of caution.

    It is a sad sad world is Nanny's world.

  2. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Ah the death of common sense....

    Debbie from US

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM

    It does seem to be something to do with Tesco. Do they employ particularly thick checkout staff? I would suggest the old trick of filling a trolley with a huge amount of groceries and a bottle of scotch, then going to the checkout with a 12-year old kid, and when they refuse to serve leaving the whole lot spread out for the drones to clear up, but with my luck the checkout staff would be so thick they'd just cash it up and I'd be landed with a bill for abou £500!

  4. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Ken - sorry to go off topic again but you're an accountant, can you tell me what the f**** going on ?

    The authorities are trying to tell us today that inflation is running at 3.3 percent. Well since January my main expenses have gone up as follows:-

    Mortgage monthly payments; up 17%
    Council tax; up 12%
    Fuel for the car; up 22%
    Gas for the house; up 20%
    Electric; up 15%
    Weekly shop; up 25% (and we buy the same stuff every week, but not in Tesco's.

    So what's gone down to even it out to 3.3% overall ?

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM

    >So what's gone down to even it out to 3.3% overall ?

    All the electronic gizmos that you can no longer afford to buy cos you stupidly blew the money on mortgages, fuel, taxes....

  6. Smithy

    You will find that the inflation index that the gov uses excludes mortgages, council tax etc.

    Take a look at today's and recent posts on one of my sites do a search for inflation etc.


  7. Dear Ken,

    Speaking only for myself, I know that when I'm really in the mood to get pissed out of my skull, I cut a hasty path down to the local grocery store, purchase about 30 bottles of extra-hot barbeque sauce (4 proof if possible), then return home and guzzle as many bottles as possible before projectile vomiting all over the room, soiling myself, and passing out in a delirious haze of alcoholic satisfaction.

    I also recommend equal measures of shoe polish and paint thinner, shaken, not stirred.


  8. Anonymous9:54 AM

    black sea, if you're going to use paint thinner or meths, make sure to filter it through half a stale loaf first (so my consultant wino tells me) but be careful to avoid a sliced loaf.