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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Trouble With Gin II

The Trouble With Gin II
Off topic, but if you are interested in the outcome of my gin trouble with SSP pop over to "Worse Than Worthless".


Ken is happy:)

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  1. Anonymous5:43 PM


    You really should increase your solid food intake.....Another slice of lemon?

  2. A slice of an SSP outlet on a Network Snail platform...are you yanking my chain Tonk?:)

    I was lucky to get a waxed paper cup to consume the Vodka and Tonic last time!

  3. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Luxury, I used to dream of having a waxed paper cup let alone a G & T.

    We used to get up ten hours before we were awake..........


  4. Anonymous10:19 PM

    If I may suggest G&T is infinitely better with a slice of fresh lime rather than lemon. The tonic should be ice cold and applied over the gin and large irregular chunks of ice. The whole then vigorously stirred. For an added treat squeeze a little lime into the glass too.

    Use a large and heavy crystal whisky glass for best effect.

    This is the refreshing East of Suez version, difficult to find in a British pub or bar where too often the concoction is warm and flat and the pathetically thinly sliced lemon decidedly passé.

  5. Lemons?


    Heavy crystal glasses?


    Folks, have you ever used an SSP outlet on a Network Snail station before?