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Nanny Knows Best
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Monday, June 02, 2008

Google Bans Ken

Ken BannedGoogle (owners of Blogger) have banned one of my sites.


"This blog is in violation of Blogger's Terms of Service and is currently visible to authors only."

Is it porn Ken?


Am I evil (Google's motto is "Don't be evil")?


It's merely satirical news items sourced from others.

Maybe many of my visitors are Chinese?

I believe you have around 48 hours left before they stop you looking at it

Feel free to leave a comment on the banned site to give Google to finger.


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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    So which terms of service have you breached? So much for free speech on the internet.

  2. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Here's why the site is being blocked by google:

    There are actually contradictions within the warning - one para says it was infected with a trojan in May just gone, but another says there has been no infections from it for 90 days. Didn't bother reading any more

  3. Thanks Sir Henry

    It would have been helpful if Google has told me that.

    However, as you say, there are contradictions; it appears that they don't know what they are talking about.


  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Are any of us suprised?.... this is the modern version of book burning

  5. Maybe they think I am evil? :)

  6. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Oh dear Ken, I hope Nanny is not adopting the drip drip drip policy via Google. Could this be the first of your sites that Google Nanny bans and then, if there is little fuss made, might she then go on to ban more of your sites for the Nanny crime of telling it like it is?

    Still, I suppose of Nanny's prefered policies; ban it, tax it or regulate it, the ban it policy is the only one not to cost you money.

  7. I was banned from posting on Telegraph blogs and EUReferendum and various others because of my name.
    Can't you set up Ken Frost News somewhere else? I see it is now inaccessible except to the author, and what's the use of that?

  8. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Can't get into it so the ban must be in operation.

  9. Anonymous7:39 PM

    A funny thing, security.

    Mostly unpredictable.

    A couple of months ago an internet site in Germany that listed 'blacklisted' servers - i.e. servers from which a lost of spam tended to be received and are monitored by many applications to try to prevent people getting unsolicited email - was suddenly re-activated with 'strong' security after lying dormant and unmaintained for about 2 to 3 years. Not knowing that it was unmaintained many people were 'using' it to assess threats to their email servers.

    As it suddenly re-appeared with out of date information that would not have caused problems back then but would in the 'new regime' that had developed since, many corporates found their email suddenly reduced (as the recipient) or bounced (as the sender). In the UK a lot of BT's servers were suddenly blacklisted - which was a shame since they were often to be found somewhere in the chain of machines through which email passes.

    The result was great confusion but, for some, a clearer understanding of how this modern day stuff hangs together.

    I think, Ken, you may be caught up in something similar though maybe not email related.