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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Balls Talks Balls Again

BallsI see Nanny's best chum, Ed Balls (Education Minister), has opened his trap again and let forth a stream of bullshit.

As ever Nanny and Balls are concerned about our fatness; specifically, they are concerned about the fatness of children.

Nanny, as we know, has already introduced "healthy" meals to school canteens in the hope that she can wean children off their diet of shite.

In theory this may be a noble idea. However, it is destined to fail:

1 Children throughout the ages have always had a predisposition to eat shite (eg crisps, chocolate, gobstoppers and vast quantities of chips etc).

2 The "battle" to make kids eat veg and more "adult" food can only be won on the home front, when they are pre school. Lazy parents who do not enforce eating discipline (ie eating veg), and instead allow the kids to rule the dining table, create a spoilt unhealthy child who will only eat shite who will in turn become a fat unhealthy immature adult.

Anyhoo, Balls wants more than just healthy meals at schools he also wants to ban kids form leaving school premises during lunch breaks (lest they go and buy a bag of chips) and to ban fast food outlets from opening near schools.

Here's why this is bollocks:

1 Schools are not prison camps, yet!

2 Adults also live near schools, and have the right to have free and unfettered access to goods and services; adults should not be forced to take second place to children.

Balls is talking Balls!

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  1. Ken,

    I believe I've made this point before, but it is typical of the incompetent that, being unable or unwilling to grapple with real problems, they make a great show of "addressing" trivial or non-existent ones. Hence, the usefulness of expressions such as "re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic."

    As society slowly (or perhaps not so slowly) disintegrates, Nanny will seize the opportunity to intrude ever more into formerly private matters, all in the name of "protecting us from ourselves."

    As you've said, 1984 was a warning, not a blueprint, for the future. Say, could I get that printed on a thong?

  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    It has been suggested that Ed Balls is short for EDucation BALLS-up......I have seen nothing to suggest that is inaccurate in any way!!

  3. Anonymous11:38 AM

    If Ed Balls and his comrades in the government are so concerned about this issue, why have they permitted (if not actually encouraged) the sale of school playgrounds and playing fields? There were also a number of rather depressing reports by correspondants to the Swimclub website recently, concerning pool closures at the present time. It seems that Waveney District Council want to close the last 2 remaining open air pools in Suffolk, at Beccles and Halesworth, North Somerset Council have voted to close the Portishead Open Air Swimming Pool: people were still swimming in it, as the last day of 2008 season was the end of September. Meanwhile, Carmarthenshire Council gave notice that they intended to fill in the Hendy Lido on October 27th unless the Hendy Pool Committee could produce a rescue plan by October 17th. (Hendy Lido closed in 2002). The Hilsea Lido (the deepest lido in the coutry that was still open) has almost certainly had its last season. Thus the situation is that there are less than 100 open air public outdoor pools in Britain now,and with Hendy Lido due to be filled in and the Council in Bath wanting to sell off the Cleveland Pools, that will be another two pools
    off the potentially re-openable list. Public indoor pools do not seem to be faring any better, for Ilford Pool in the London Borough of Redbridge looked set to close in September, not December; this will mean only one public pool for approximately 250,000 residents. Derbyshire Dales District Council have agreed to consult on the future of Matlock "Lido", but the nearest re-opening date is likely to be February 2009 (The pool closed in July and the Matlock
    and District Swimming Club say they are losing a £1000 a month). Thus, as more pools close, there is a strain on neighbouring pools, as is happening in the Fylde and Blackpool area. And yet, at the same time, swimming in rivers
    and lakes is frowned upon by the 'authorities', who seem to consider such an activity to be on a par with paedophilia, the same 'authorities' who are expressing such concern at the level of obesity and general unfitness in the population in general, and children in particular!

  4. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Why is Balls so fixated on this subject?

    If he really does wish to turn schools into some sort of fortress during the day could he extend that and keep the kids off the streets when half term comes around?

    I am not for the concept of lock down at all but, if it is to be implemented it might as well be fully implemented.


  5. Anonymous1:05 PM

    The wants and needs of adults are not a consideration. The magic phrase has been uttered: Its for the good of the chiiiiildren. Now every pub, restaurant, theatre, cinema, coffee shop, shop and public venue is filled with the nasty, noisy little brutes and there is no adult space left anywhere. Forcing the little b*****ds on you is not enough, you must modify all aspects of your life that are not child friendly immediately. What do you mean YOU don't have chiiiildren. Take responsibility for someone elses immediately, or else

  6. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I echo other posters' comments and I think that this piece perfectly encapsulates NuLabour who refuse to confine themselves to the proper areas of government, instead intruding into other people's territory (in this case that of the parents (in the case of the smoking ban, private property owners)). They then proceed not only to balls up their legitimate remit but their extended one. I believe that Balls is not called 'Education Minister' but Minister for Children or some such NuLab title which reflects the desire to control everything.

    I hear that there's talk of a snap election and I worry that, in the current climate, most people will gladly continue to exchange their autonomy for the promise of Gordy's dubious management of the economy.

  7. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Adult rights and freedoms are being eroded ever faster in these sort of hysterical initiatives "to protect children". There are a number of completely insane, minority lobby groups that are getting a disproportionate message into government. You only have to watch PMQs to draw the conclusion that the government is made up of dumpy, socialist wimmin, who really do need to go on a diet, spouting parochial shite about pavement barriers at the local school and the disabled ethnic lesbian alternative history initiative for travellers travelling libraries. The rest seem to be inarticulate men with very big chips on their shoulders.

    Our own fault. We handed the country on a plate to a bunch of nutters whose only idea of government seems to be "what shall we ban next?". There is no common sense, no reason and no pragmatism. If it isn't authorised it is forbidden. Welcome to Stalag UK.

    Written in the Year of Our Lord 2008, being the 11 th year of the National Socialist Occupation.

  8. You know, they'll probably just retreat back to the position that Greggs are not allowed to serve children wearing school uniform so that it doesn't impact other pastie buyers.

    After all, who could possibly argue with that, apart from Greggs and those pesky Libertarians.