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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Something For The Weekend - We have Become National Heritage

Something For The Weekend
Off topic I know, but it may amuse you over the weekend.

The British Library wrote to me yesterday, re archiving my websites:

"..The British Library would like to invite you to participate in our web archiving programme.

We select and archive sites to represent aspects of UK documentary heritage and as a result, they will remain available to researchers in the future.

The British Library works closely with leading UK institutions to collect and permanently preserve the UK web

Seemingly, and I was not aware of this until they wrote to me, I have become part of the national heritage..I thought one had to be dead for that to happen?

I am sure I haven't died yet, as neither my club nor the Times has announced my death.

Have it large this weekend!


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  1. Ken,

    R. I. P.

    Perhaps the British Library considers Brighton to be the domestic equivalent of hell.

  2. Perhaps it is for thinking outside the box, Ken?

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM


    I believe that Milton Keynes is also considered to be part of the National Heritage ...

    I suppose it is one way to obtain a regular backup but the idea of providing, voluntarily, some future Nanny with information she might decide to use against you may require some careful consideration.

    How can you guarantee that Nanny will not surreptitiously alter the bits and bytes to suit her purpose should the need arise?

    Come the revolution brother, we might all be in the firing line.


  4. Have you seen the latest British Library exhibition Taking Liberties?