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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nanny Bans British

Nanny Bans British
I guess we all knew that this was coming one day, Nanny has banned "British".

The Valleys Race Equality Council (Valrec), a quango associated with Caerphilly council (that's in Wales, which is part of Britain), has warned staff against using the word "British".

For why?

Lest it upset people from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Asia or China.

Errmm...two flies in their oinkment:

1 Scotland and Wales are British

2 Why would people from Eire, China or Asia be offended at hearing the word British?

Nanny's chums from Caerphilly council are fearful that the word "creates a false sense of unity".

Ermmm...I thought we were unified yonks ago?

Would Nanny prefer that we break apart like some Balkan country, with all the bloodshed and pain that will ensue from such a break up?

Nanny rubs salt further into the wounds by categorising "British" as being as offensive as other terms such as "negro", "spastic" and "half-caste".

I would categorise the people who thought this up as being "knobheads".

Is that offensive?

FYI, Valrec is headed by former Cabinet Minister Ron Davies.

Remember him?

He quit the Government after a spot of bovver on Clapham Common, involving allegations drugs and gay sex. He refers to that incident as a "moment of madness".

I guess we can refer to his recommendations as the same.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    All of these PC non jobs and quangos, have to be seen to be doing something just to justify their existence and highly inflated salaries.
    If you have any review or inquiry, they will always come back with recomendations to justify the need for the exercise in the first place....If they came back and said well, everything is actually fine and we have no recomendations to make, the instigator and funder of the exercise would feel cheated.

    I am sure this type of organisation just looks for things to find fault with. I am sure if you ask the average person, including the group they purport to defend, if they find this or that offensive, most will say no...It is my opinion that, organisations such as the one in question, do more harm to the cause of integration and equality than any extreme political party ever could.

  2. Ken wrote:

    "Would Nanny prefer that we break apart like some Balkan country, with all the bloodshed and pain that will ensue from such a break up?"

    Maybe we should consider it. After all, it used to be a national pastime almost with the Scots raiding the English, the English raiding the Welsh, the Welsh raiding the English, the English raiding the Irish and every once in a while everybody would unite to give the continentals a sound thrashing (we'll forget about 1066).

    Anyhow, back to the point, we could have a few wars with our immediate neighbours (save money having to send all those troops abroad when you can do it on your doorstep) and then when the dust was settled we can all point fingers at Nanny and her minions and say "It was them what done it, fostered feelings of resentment with their anti-Britishness!".

    Result on several fronts, Nanny gets blamed for the conflicts and is hopefully hung, drawn and quartered and during the conflicts themselves we can send the feckless youths that infest our towns off to do their fighting for a cause rather than do it in the city centres of a Friday night.

    Now where did I put my Field Marshal hat ?

  3. Anonymous1:24 PM

    "Nanny rubs salt further into the wounds by categorising "British" as being as offensive as other terms such as "negro", "spastic" and "half-caste".

    So Nanny and her little helpers at VALREC find the term 'British' offensive do they? Well, being English and British, I find the likes of Nanny and VALREC offensive, very offensive indeed. My response to these knobheads, a very apt description, Ken, consists of two words, the second of which is 'OFF!' If they hate Great Britain so much, why don't they %£@# off to somewhere more to their taste, preferably somewhere like Siberia, Iraq or the Congo for example?

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    It's because they want you to fully accept the "unity" of the European Union instead.

  5. Nanny seems to have a generally low opinion of her countrymen . . . ermm, sorry, my mistake. I guess that should be countrypersons, or co-nationals, or something equally daft.

    Anyhoo, I note that Nanny has a low regard for all of you people over there, apart from those of you living on the dole or in the clink, whom Nanny views as kindly, wayward souls in need of a guiding hand, along with about fifteen thousand farking programs funded by those "non-persons" who actually manage to hold down jobs.

    As Sid Vicious used to ask from the stage (when not spitting on the audience), "Do you ever feel that you've been cheated?"

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Yeah well, tough tits, because you are British.

    You can refer to yourself as Scottish, and you can insist that other people refer to you as Scottish, and that's your prerogative. But you're still British too.

    If you want the existing situation to change, do it via above-board democratic means. Wow, what a novel idea.

  7. Anonymous5:34 PM


    bite me, you Morris-dancing knob.

    Vote SNP!

  8. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Well, duh - voting SNP as a means to change the status quo was clearly inferred in my post.

    I've never Morris danced in my life, but thanks for the gratuitous insult, anonymous internet bigot! You are funny. I bet you make your many friends laugh a great deal.

  9. Anonymous12:35 AM

    Anonymous - if the SNP started putting candidates up in England they might be surprised at the support they'd get. "Vote SNP, get shut of the Jocks" - it might work as a slogan.

  10. Morris dancing is English, not Scottish. Scots toss the caber [whatever the caber is]. They are a lot of tossers, anyway. Gordibroon promotes "British" when it suits him to distract the simple-minded English from the depradations of the Westminster Scottish Mafia.

    What's wrong with English? Let's have a Declaration of English Independence, an English Parliament, and send the Scots packing bag and baggage back beyond Hadrian's Wall. They've been a pest ever since James I was stupidly allowed south of the border.

    As for the Welsh, bring back Edward I.

  11. Anonymous11:29 AM

    "Ken wrote:
    "Would Nanny prefer that we break apart like some Balkan country, with all the bloodshed and pain that will ensue from such a break up?"

    The answer to tat is probably 'yes!'

  12. Anonymous11:41 AM

    Nick in Texas said...
    'It's because they want you to fully accept the "unity" of the European Union instead.'

    Which I most certainly DON'T!!

    Anonymous said...
    "I'm Scottish, not British, and I resent being called British."

    Resent it or not, you are British if you live in Scotland, since you are living in the BRITISH Isles.
    Although it is not something I do myself, I fail to see what is wrong with Morris Dancing?

  13. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Hello there my English chums.

    Don't worry, we'll be getting shot of you before you need vote.

    We don't need your chavs and police state in the making. Nor do we need your subsidy junkies, look at you, you English are spongers from our oil, whisky and tourism revenues.

    And you want independence? HA!

    Bit brave eh?

    It's a pity you English morons didn't show as much guts when the Iranians faced off against your sailors!!! "Oh, I lost my ipod oh no boo hoo"

  14. Anonymous4:08 PM


    Same old record...Under international law, some of the oil and gas would belong to England and some to Scotland.

    The act of union, was entered into to bail out the Scots after they bankrupted themselves. They were trying to be just like the English and attempted to establish a Scotish coloney in Pannama, sadly, the brains in charge of this Scotish fiasco, opted to fill the ships holds with blankets and bonnets...Hardly the things that were needed to assist them to live in Sub Tropical Pannama...The would be Scotish colonists therefore starved and had to come home with their tails between their legs....After a short while, they came cap in hand with their begging bowls to the English...The rest is history.
    Assuming Scotland does go it alone, how will they fund themselves once the oil runs out?

    Incidently, the English and Welsh will also have to vote in order for the act to be dissolved as it effects them as well.

    The UK's seat on the security council would be lost as would the seat at the G8...I suspect it would also need approval from the EUSSR as we entered the "trading block agreement" as the UK not as separate countries.

    I would vote for the break away from Scotland on the condition that, when it all turns sour, we would not bail the Scots out again.

  15. Anonymous5:06 PM

    I think you'll find most of the oil belongs to us, tonk.

    And when it runs out we'll be rich enough to fund other projects.

    You forget we export other things apart from oil. Whisky, water (to you), energy (to you), food, technology (who wrote Grand Theft Auto 1 thru 4? Thats write. Scots)

    Tell me, there's 5 million of us Scots. We are 8.6% of the population of the UK yet we raised 10.41% of the UK tax revenues (source: Treasury Red Book 2002) - you are FLEECING US!

    I'll be glad when our union is history.

  16. The Act of Union was a fraud, anyway, as it only got through the House of Lords because one very fat peer was counted as eleven.

    "Obese" people obviously had their uses for Nanny in those days!

  17. Well, who thought that antagonism between the English and Scots was dead?!

    Presumably, anticant, when you deport we Scots who live in England, you won't mind when Scotland deports the English who live there. So many English people have retired to the Borders that it's been renamed Little Yorkshire by the indigenous population. I suspect the motive to be the (mistaken) belief that elderly residential care in Scotland is free. Can't say I blame them (although they'll be in for a shock when they realise that they should've looked beyond the headlines) but please don't suggest that traffic and benefit is only one way.

    I seem to see a great deal of Scots-bashing on threads nowadays. I appreciate that there is anger at the perceived benefits that have resulted from devolution but, you know, I don't remember English people, despite their famous 'sense of fair play', calling for a fairer system for Scots when Scotland's interests were subordinated to those of England when ruled solely from Westminster.

  18. It's not just that, Jay. There's the West Lothian Question. And, more importantly, the disproportionate number of Scots in the Brown governmemt. Reminds one of Dr Johnson's saying that the noblest prospect a Scotchman ever sees is the high-road that leads him to England.

    Joking apart, I've had many good Scottish friends and have spent some delightful holidays north of the border.

    But I still think the English get a raw deal in the United Kingdom.

    Oh - by the way, I'm descended from border reivers!

  19. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Yes, I can appreciate the anger, anticant, and it also seems that 'Englishness' is nowadays being discouraged in much the same way that 'Scottishness' once was.

    I remember watching a programme a few years ago in which the national saints' days were being discussed and an English man said (rather arrogantly, I thought) that the English were self-confident and sufficiently secure not to have to celebrate St George's Day. Perhaps, the time has come to make a point of doing so.


  20. As I'm now in my ninth decade, Jay, I do my best not to be angry - it's bad for the cholesterol. I just enjoy teasing people a little.

  21. Anonymous11:55 AM

    Have you any tips for serenity, anticant? Once a very even-tempered person, I now find myself blowing a gasket at least once a day even if it's only to shout at some NuLabour drone on TV!