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Friday, December 05, 2008

Fag Facism

Fag FacismNot content with banning smoking in the workplace and other public areas, the fag fascists have now set their beady eyes on foster parents.

Redbridge council, another one of this country's "respected" local authorities, is mulling plans to ban foster parents from fostering if they smoke (irrespective of the age - currently local authtorites ban smokers from fostering under 5's - or circumstances of the child).

The fag fascists insist that the benefits of "protecting" children from passive smoking outweigh the emotional and possible physical damage done to the child by leaving it in the clutches of the Nanny state and its social services.

It should be noted that there is in fact a shortage of 10,000 foster carers in the UK.

However, as a wily old bird once said:

"The end justifies the means".

Remind me again, who said that?

Oh yes, I remember...he was a smoker though.

A Smoker

It is likely that if Redbridge go ahead with this, other "respected" councils will follow.


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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Its much better that these children have no homes or parents to love or care for them.

  2. They already have gone ahead with it. It was voted in at full council.

    The Councillor (Mr Stark) who was calling for it was branded a 'Nazi' by Jon Gaunt on Talksport ... so they sacked him.

    Pointing out the obvious is a sackable offence if you are aiming at Nanny and her minions.

  3. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Coming soon... Councils to insist that smokers be visually identified so that the Righteous can shield children's eyes from the sight of a member of the sub-human race.


  4. So let's see. A local authority has a child protection department. They have thousands of children who for some reason or another are on their at risk register. They have not enough social workers because they can only afford a certain amount. They each have over a hundred children to keep tabs on. They have limited care facilities with skeleton staff. Because of the workload things go wrong, and often horrific things go unnoticed.

    Right, let's have a meeting, what can we do. Well, for a start, if a person likes to fill a pipe or have a relaxing cigar or a discreet cigarette in the garden and want to offer their help by fostering one of these vulnerable children, they need to be barred.

    OK, that is one problem sorted.

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    I agree with the concept of trying to remove children from a smoking environment, as they have no control over their health and their future, if the foster parent is a moderate to heavy smoker. But I do not agree that they do this with such force as they have limited resources to support the children themselves and that can make children become sad, then depressed, then suicidal. I know that is pretty far-fetched in some ways, but it seems either way the child loses out, whether it be on love, or perfect health. It's a real shame.

  6. slainbaby, I don't know how old you are, but as a child in the 1950's I grew up in a smoking environment, as did just about everybody, as 75% to 85% of people smoked, just about everywhere, including the doctor's surgery and hospital ward.

    I am not sure what you were referring to as pretty far
    -fetched, what IS far fetched however, is that childrens' health will be damaged by a smoking environment, after all, with what I said in my first paragraph, why are people now living longer, (don't forget that the senior citizens were in this 'smokefilled' environment.

    Of course, most thoughtful parents (the kind who foster and adopt), do not smoke in the house when their are children there anyway, in fact, they don't even let their children see them smoke.