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Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Drink For Britain

In view of yesterday's shocking statistics that the UK as a whole is drinking less than it it used to, I urge you all to take up the challenge and put us back at the top of the drinking league this weekend.

Have it large!


Do remember to behave politely though.

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  1. Tonk.4:16 PM

    I am doing my bit, Crabbies has been my choice today but, I shall be on Black Sheep tomorrow......For England and Saint George!!!! hic!!

  2. Archroy8:33 PM

    Pleasant afternoon at the Crown and Sceptre, South Croydon should have done it.

    Word verification: 'gentsh' seems to sum it up!

  3. Old Greeny12:46 AM

    Oh no!! Could Nanny have been lying to us about booze? No! Surely not!!

  4. Uncle John1:17 AM

    'Drink for Britain' - but not in the "Cross Keys" in Erith.

    Police were aware for several months that groups of 'travellers' were 'causing chaos' by racing horses in the street, and on several occasions had ridden into the bar of the pub. Although it appears the Police were aware of this (they were collecting evidence for later use) there is no mention in press reports of what they actually DID. In August, a hundred of these 'travellers' congregated outside whilst five of them rode inside.

    Strong action was clearly needed!

    Yes! The Police convinced Bexley Council that the Landlord "couldn't control the situation" - and had the pub closed.

    QUOTE (Telegraph 2 Sept)- Asked why he had not ordered the 100 plus travellers to leave, Mr McKenzie said he was worried they would "smash his pub up".

    Perhaps he was also worried that he might have been arrested for the 'hate crime' of asking a gypsy to leave?

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Did someone mention battery packs?

    Don't get me started on battery packs!

    I ordered a battery on the internet some weeks ago. Although it looked like a UK company, it turned out to be operating out of China. After weeks of complaining, it finally arrived and seems to be fully functional and in tip-top condition.

    However, reading the user manual, it looks like the Chinese equivalent of health and safety:

    'Never hit a hammer on battery pack'.
    'Never hammer nail into battery pack'.
    'Never tread [or jump up and down] on battery pack'.
    'Never throw battery pack'.

    I think they're really saying: “Our service may be worse than atrocious but don't take your frustrations out on the battery”. After one complaint they replied: “Sorry for delay but battery sent to wrong address. When we get it back, we send again”.