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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Local Hero

Once in a while, amidst the daily deluge of stories about Nanny and her jobsworths imposing petty rules and regulations on a passive populace, it is heartening to see people sticking two fingers up and doing their own thing.

Therefore kudos to a local resident who I have seen on more than one occasion in the last week climb through the sky light of the roof of his house, clamber onto the roof and sit bestriding the apex of the two sides of the roof whilst leaning against the chimney.

For why?

He likes to watch the sunset!

I am sure that there are numerous "health and safety" issues wrt doing this, but it's nice to see someone doing something that disregards them:)

Kudos to him!

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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Some health and safety nosey parker will probably report him and the police will arrest him under the You Can't Make Decisiosn For Yourself Act 2011

  2. That's why I have not identified the exact location:)

  3. Disgusted, Tunbridge Wells10:37 AM

    Anonymous said:

    "Some health and safety nosey parker will probably report him and the police will arrest him under the You Can't Make Decisiosn For Yourself Act 2011"

    They don't like what you're doing and you can be banged up....sorry, secctioned under the Mental Health Act. Only a few years ago Nanny's troopers hauled a competent swimmer out of the R. Severn and sectioned him for the heinous "offence" of river swimming against some 'elf'n'safety diktat or another.

    As Tonk now reminds us: We are the State, do as you're told or we'll 'ave you.

  4. Sadly, once Nanny gets wind of the situation, I am sure she'll stop him.

    Nanny loves to ban, regulate or tax things; she hates people getting any pleasure from anywhere that Nanny doesn't provide.

    Nanny loves to ban things; she uses one of the three coveralls to justify her actions;-
    2)Child protection
    3)The new false religion of Climate Change.

    Nanny loves to regulate things, again using one of the aforementioned coveralls to justify her actions. She often makes it so inconvenient or expensive to comply with the regulations, it is often as good as an outright ban.

    Nanny loves to tax things; This ensures she gets her cut which, will go to fund more and more jobsworths to enforce her bans, regulations and taxations.

    This applies to all Three Nannies from Euro Nanny, through Westminster Nanny, down to local Nanny.

    I have been plagued this week with about a dozen kids in hi-viz jackets and loads of safety gear, riding their bikes on the road outside my house, on a course conducted by a Local Nanny "Officer" in what we used to call cycling proficiency. All the kids have standard bright yellow Hi-Viz wear on and the "Officer of the Council" is wearing "Boss-Viz" namely bright red hi-viz.
    The kids ride about thirty yards or so along the road and then dismount. The Boss-Viz then walks up to them and escorts them back to the start. The kids have to push their bikes back to the starting spot; why they can't turn around and ride back, given that it is a cycling activity, I don't know......Actually, yes I do know why; because Boss-Viz says so even though it is silly and pointless.....Come on children, never question Nanny, do as you're told, yours is not to reason why, yours is but to do, pay taxes and then die.

    This concept of Boss-Viz is also used by the Community payback team( slavery as we used to know it). The criminals wear bright yellow hi-viz wear, the "Officer in charge" wears red boss-viz.

    Different coloured hi-viz to determine rank and status; only Nanny could think of such a thing.

  5. debbie12:55 PM

    Ken...does this man own his home/property?If so, would H&S even be able to tell him what he can or cannot do on his own property?

    Is an Englishmans home still his castle??

  6. Lord of Atlantis2:55 PM

    Well said, Debbie! I couldn't agree more. Tonk: on your list, you missed out 'prevention of terrorism'!