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Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Royston's Big Brother

I am somewhat disturbed to learn that Royston, a town in Hertfordshire with a population of 15,000, has installed sets of police cameras on every road leading in and out of the town which record the numberplates of every vehicle that passes them.

The system then checks the plates against a variety of databases, studying them for links to crimes, and insurance and tax records, and alerting police accordingly.

Is Royston such a dangerous place? it isn't..there were in fact only 7 incidents of vehicle crime in the town the other month.

Details of the cars' movements will stay on police records for 2 years, or 5 if the car is connected to a crime.

Why does Nanny need to keep details of a non criminal car's movements on her systems for 2 years?

Who has access to this data?

Will we see details sold on the the media (as seems to be the norm these days)?

As we saw in the recent riots the police seem to like to use CCTV for "post crime" clean up, rather than crime prevention. One has to ask, how do these things really make people feel any safer?

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  1. Data gathering linked with stealth tax(fines)...Kerching.
    Nanny loves to keep an eye on people.
    I have never felt safer because of CCTV, I would prefer extra real police officers on our streets.
    CCTV will never prevent crime, only record crime that has already taken place.....This encourages lazy policing as do DNA databases.

  2. Anonymous5:58 PM

    It's nothing new. I'm told St Albans has had such a system for a few years now.