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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

By Gum

I am genused to see that Nanny's chums in Milton Keynes Coucnil have become so enraged with the blight of disgarded chewing gum on the streets of MK that they intend to ban it and fine people £80 for depositing it on the streets akin to the rules in Singapore (although there you can be flogged as well for leaving it on the pavements).

All well and dandy, except that if you read what is being considered it appears to be a tad more heavy handed than simply fining people for littering the streets with gum.

After8, part of Milton Keynes city centre management, is considering banning it and using "gum police" to enforce the ban. As per the Huffington Post:
"This would be bigger because it will be introduced across the whole of Central Milton Keynes over a one to two mile radius. We are still looking into how we would enforce it but we are getting lots of positive feedback on social media. Whether it means there will be gum police, or a different employee taken on to enforce the gum ban, we are looking into it."
A "slight" overreaction wouldn't you say, given that there are already anti littering laws in place?

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  1. Tonk.4:12 PM

    Good grief, is there nothing Nanny believes is outside of her remit?

    The biggest department in all of Nanny's empires, be that local, national or EU, must be The Department for Crazy Ideas. (DCI)

  2. Anonymous7:09 PM

    What are they going to do - focus on a likely gum-chewer and stalk him LOL Are they going to commission some agency to draw up a profile of The Typical Gum-Chewer? Will there be guidance in place on how long to follow The Suspect in the expectation that he will discard the Gum? Will there be disciplinary action if they follow the Suspect who discards his Gum in a bin? No wait, they'll factor into the profile likelihood of incorrect disposal! Really, to cover all bases they need one Gum-plod to follow every member of the public - gets the unemployment figures down, enforces exercise in the fresh air for public sector employees and affords the opportunity for jobsworths to educate the public in social responsibility, what's not to like?

    The big flaw is that they might upset the tobacco control nazis who are, after all, demanding that smokers quit by buying the lucrative but ineffective NRT gum which is designed to be useless within minutes - so lots of discard. Will NRT gum-chewers be exempt? If they claim victimhood, there's gonna be trouble - no-one, not even Milton Keynes Council, gets in the way of smoker denormalisation :)