Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Euro Theft

I suggest that everyone reads this article about today's Cyprus bailout deal, it is nothing more than state sponsored theft and will have ramifications for everyone in the Eurozone or with money deposited in the Eurozone.

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  1. I suspect, if Euro Nanny sees this accepted by the Cypriot population and government, it will be adopted by other Nannies within the EUSSR.

    My advice: don't keep your money in banks....It may sound odd but, with interest rates so low, saving accounts are rather a waste of time and you might just as well hide it in your matress.
    Personally, I would invest my savings in bullion coins or ingots etc and keep it in my safe at home; away from Nanny's gaze.

    You're right Ken, it is akin to state theft.....Why does Nanny feel she can just pick our pockets as and when she feels like it.

  2. I 'understand that' HMRC are considering something similar for UK - a simplified 'Regular Payments System' to parallel the new on-line PAYE -
    1) Give us full details of all of your bank accounts,
    2) We already know how much you received last week 'after tax' - and we will take that as well.

  3. Howard9:46 AM

    Think if it happened here there would be riots that would make Tottenham, Toxteth and the like look like a kid's tea-party.

    One thing's for sure, the politicians decending that on us would never walk the streets again in safety.