Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Electric Blankets for All

I see that Nanny has suggested that we should use electric blankets in order to reduce our heating bills, and lessen the chances of the elderly freezing to death during the winter.

May I suggest a more energy efficient alternative?

Good old fashioned bed warmers (heated by hot coals)!

Failing that, how about removing the green tax levy on energy bills; thus reducing people's heating bills at the stroke of Nanny's pen?

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  1. Tonk.7:19 PM

    Nanny loves to spend money, especially when it's someone elses.
    Nanny uses the new false religion to control us and to raise more and more money for her to waste.
    I suspect that Boy George will spend all that money he hasn't had to borrow to try to bribe the gullible masses; sadly, he will then borrow that money he hasn't needed to borrow; we're still spending more than we earn and see borrowing a little less a good thing which we then have to re-spend....George; debt is debt is debt!

    I have had one piece of good news today.....British Gas will pass on the so called savings to those of us who fixed our dual fuel tariffs until March 2016. Now how will I spend my ninety pence a week I'll be saving....Oppps, I'm starting to sound like a politician.

  2. Lord of Atlantis9:23 PM

    Surely, using electric blankets will of themselves by their very nature consume more electricity, not less? This is typical of our politicians, to rely on gimmicks instead of dealing with the real problems of energy in this country, sky-high prices and shortage of supply in the winter, due to lack of storage facilities. I am no socialist, but I do seriously question whether certain industries, gas, electricity, water and railways, for examples, might not have been better left in public ownership instead of being privatised, and I certainly feel that they should NOT have been allowed to fall under foreign ownership. Instead of the current policy of relying on imported gas, I also believe that the coal fired power stations should have been retained, as they have been in Germany, at least until such time that a plentiful supply of alternatives became available, and adequate storage facilities were available for use during winter.