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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Nanny Hates Baby Boomer Boozers

I see that Nanny is having another pop at booze again, this time focusing her ire on the "baby boom" generation of middle class drinkers.

Seemingly, according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, in 2012/13, 202,000 men and 87,000 women were admitted to hospital for reasons that were “wholly” attributable to alcohol.

The steepest rise in hospital alcohol admissions came among men and women in their sixties, with a 178% rise in admissions of men aged 65 to 69, and a 177% increase in admissions for women aged 60 to 64.

Dr Nick Sheron, a liver specialist from the University of Southampton, is quoted by the Telegraph:
"It used to be that alcohol was sold largely in pubs and we thought wine was a filthy continental habit. 

Now we see people drinking far more wine and also spirits - there have been massive changes in women’s habits so that today we see white wine at the end of almost every supermarket aisle."
Julia Manning, chief executive of 2020Health think tank, said:
Middle-aged, middle-class drinkers are drinking much more than they realise. They are drinking more frequently, they are drinking stronger alcohol and they are using it as a common antidote for stress. 

On top of this is the cumulative effect of drinking over the years. We have become ever more rebellious in recent decades and it makes me wonder whether there has been a significant culture shift away from taking responsibility and behaving like a grown-up.” 
Her point about taking responsibility for our lives is valid. However, people's lack of responsibility comes not so much from "rebelliousness" but from the cumulative effects of the Nanny state interfering in and micro managing people's lives.

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  1. Funny they should come out with this rubbish when overall alcohol consumption has been in decline for years.

    And I'm sorry but I've never seen a supermarket with alcohol at the end of every isle. All the ones near us at least, have a section for alcohol, just like most other products. In Sainsburys it's right at the back of the store.

    Trouble is, having read that, the drones will beleive it. Even as they walk through a supermarket with no booze at the end of any isle, they will still beleive it's there because they read it in a study in the paper.

  2. Tonk.7:17 PM

    Julia appears to be a very patronising woman and so typical of Nanny's little helpers or "useful idiots" as I prefer to call them.

    I suspect this is just to soften people up for a tax hike on booze in the not too distant future......All for our own good of course and nothing to do with tax and waste...Kerching!

    Nanny needs to ask herself why so many people, of all ages and soci-economic class, feel the need to get out of their faces in the first place.....Could it be to escape the reality of living in Nanny's idea of Utopia?

  3. Tut. Tut. Do we not see the tobacco control template at work?
    Big, Bad Supermarket.
    Demonisation of particular groups.
    The use of the word "We" to gain superiority.
    The dodgy use of dodgy statistics.
    All that's missing is 'the children'. Oh .... Hang on .... "....and behaving like a grown-up.” Near enough.