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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Nanny Bans Entrepreneur

Commiserations to entrepreneur Tommie Rose (a 15 year old schoolboy attending Buile High School in Salford) who has fallen foul of Nanny.

Tommie has been earning a living (£14K thus far) selling sweets from his own "tuck shop" to his school chums, in order to fund a university pace at Oxbridge where he hopes to study business.

Sadly for Tommie Nanny doesn't approve of his activities, and has been threatened with suspension.

For why?

His tuck shop apparently breaches healthy-eating guidelines!
James Inman, the head teacher at Buile Hill school, is quoted by the Telegraph
We admire this pupil’s entrepreneurship but school is not the place to set up a black market of fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolates. 
We have extremely high standards and with our healthy-eating policy we don’t allow isotonic drinks, fizzy drinks and large amounts of sweets for the good of our children.”
To be honest Tommie should not despair. He has shown more intelligence, get up and go and entrepreneurial spirit than he would ever learn at university. He should stuff the degree, and go straight into business when he leaves school.

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1 comment:

  1. Lord of Atlantis1:45 PM

    Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of eating sweets, fizzy drinks or isotonic drinks (What on earth are "isotonic drinks"?) the decision as to whether their children consume such items should be down to parents, not the school. I also think threatening young Tommie with suspension for the heinous crime of selling these items is way OTT. I wonder if bullies, vandals and those who disrupt classes and/or threaten and verbally abuse teachers are dealt with so severely?

    "We admire this pupil’s entrepreneurship but school is not the place to set up a black market of fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolates."

    Black market? The school makes him sound like a master criminal! He should be REWARDED for his initiative, not treated like a pariah by Nanny's jobsworths! With his outlook on life, he is just the kind of school leaver this country is crying out for!