Nanny Knows Best

Nanny Knows Best
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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Remember Remember The 5th of November

Remember remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot!

Also please do remember that Nanny doesn't want you:

1 Drinking when using fireworks

2 Using fireworks that are not BS 7114 rated

3 Using Chinese lanterns

4 Using fireworks after midnight

5 Touching hot sparklers etc etc

Notwithstanding the above, please enjoy Guy Fawkes' Night!

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  1. It is strange that the PC brigade haven't banned this annual event.....Why? I hear you ask......Every year, the people of our nation celebrate the burning of Guy Fawkes; a Catholic, who plotted to kick back against protestant mis treatment of my fellow Catholics and was hung drawn a quartered by the state.....I wonder if we would allow a similar celebration which burnt say a muslim or hindu "Guy" etc?

    Just for clarity......I enjoy watching the fireworks and laughing at how much money goes up in smoke. I also think about the hipocracy of the followers of the new false religion of climate change not trying to ban this event because, after all, tons of that "Dangerous plant food" carbon must be released.

    I must be the lowest of the lows in Nanny's eyes......A white, English born male of retirement age, disabled and a Catholic.....Burn the witch!

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Tonk I think it is hypocrisy. Anyhoo (as Ken puts it) I am somewhat disappointed that the Lewes parking meter exploder hasn't struck lately - this individual/group has been the best anti-nanny force of the last few years around GF night.

    1. Tonk.7:29 PM


      """Tonk I think it is hypocrisy"""........Yes, so do I!.....I don't know what happened there:-)