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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Booze - Nanny Hates Home Delivery

Oh dear, I see Nanny is getting all hot and bothered over our drinking habits again.

This time she is targeting elderly middle class women who, shock horror probe, have the temerity to buy their booze online from supermarkets etc.

According to Nanny, increasing numbers of female retired professionals have developed drink problems after stepping down from successful careers.

The Priory, the rehabilitation centre favoured by celebrities with addiction problems, weighed in saying that the full extent of the problem among older women could be even higher than the figures suggest because many may be keeping their drinking hidden.

Well, if the figures aren't accurate what's the scientific point in speculating about them?

Oh, wait a minute, The Priory charges for its services and doubtless benefits from free publicity...aha!
According to Dr Paul McLaren, a consultant psychiatrist at The Priory, the growth of supermarket home delivery services was making it easier for their drink problems to go unnoticed by making it easier for them to get alcohol at home.

Quoted by the Telegraph:
Many of the women I see are retired professionals who never had issues with alcohol in the past.

Then there is home delivery – I have seen many examples of alcohol being delivered to older people who are too damaged or impaired by it to go out and buy it themselves. 

So they don't even have to leave home to buy alcohol – supermarket delivery services will bring it straight to their door."
It doesn't take much imagination to see what will happen next, some idiot will call for home deliveries of alcohol to be rationed or banned.

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