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Nanny Knows Best
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Prats of The Week

Kudos to the organisers of a conference on breastfeeding for making prats of themselves..

The conference, entitled “Shifting the Curve - Sharing the Challenge Breastfeeding Summit”, claims that it is "open to everyone who works with children and families" and aims to “remove some of the barriers” about breastfeeding. 
So far so good, except that when mothers asked if they could breastfeed their babies at next month’s conference at Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium, they were told by officials that this would not be "appropriate”. 
There's irony for you!
However, following a hoo hah it now seems that breastfeeding will be allowed after all.

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  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I once had a client whip one out during a meeting - most disconcerting.

  2. “Shifting the Curve - Sharing the Challenge Breastfeeding Summit”

    ..sounds in itself to be vague innuendo, two innuendo in fact - dare I say a pair of innuendos?